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  1. Thanks everyone! @sandsys taxes are 7.75% in Utah. Not opposed to paying taxes, but its frustrating to pay tax and then ‘move’ to TX in a few months and pay tax again. On the other hand, it’s totally reasonable for my husband to move to TX first and me later. We’ll just have to figure out income taxes when it comes time.
  2. Question about TX registration for our RV (camper truck) Here’s our situation: I currently work in UT, my husband is self-employeed and can work anywhere. We plan to be full-time RVers by Aug/Sept 2021. We are in the process of buying our camper truck in NC. The truck will be in UT March-May, then my husband and daughter will start our road trip....I will join in Aug/Sept when I leave my job. We have family in TX and plan to make our domicile there while we travel full time. Is there any way we can avoid registering the vehicle in UT since it wi
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