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  1. Thanks for the fast info, All ! Interesting to see Capital One and Alliant pop up as recommended! Maybe I was on the right track, after all. I've never considered our local credit union as a potential idea, not realizing that the CU's belong to a national network. It's GREAT to have access to all of your collective experience here! MUCH appreciated!
  2. Just joined today and hoping to get some advice on the best BANKS to use while travelling. A few important notes: * We hope to do our 1st extensive (2-3 mo) RV Trip this Fall and want to be sure we have access to Cash if/when needed. * Ideally would prefer a bank that offers some interest on Savings accounts AND makes transferring funds EASY (digitally is fine) I've recently seen 1.7% or 1.8% APR advertised on savings accounts at Alliant Credit Union and Capital One Savings. Maybe one of these banks would be recommended? I've t
  3. Just joined this Forum today after dreaming of our "Escape" for several years now! We are planning on our 1st extensive (2-3 month) RV trip this Fall and I'm trying to be mindful of every $$ as we pull the plugs on our long-time careers. I saw this Tech section and it reminded me that I lost my Microsoft 2010 software when I left my job last month. I thought I'd ask here to see if anyone knows how I might go about getting a Microsoft Office 2010 key for FREE. I do realize that I can get a free "in the cloud" version but I realllllly prefer to save my financials JUST to my P
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