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  1. I have a software business and I bought my Class A (my first RV) realizing I could travel and still do my day job. I miss the travels from my Air Force days. Making a nice office in the coach does sacrifice some of the social aspects of it (opposing couches for company) but makes for a nice office setup. Here are a few pics of what I did. Okay well, no pictures, the attachment size limits here are way too small to share the pics it seems. But you get the point. I installed a 72 inch updesk and use a Herman Miller Aeron with the casters that auto brake until weight is on it. Note: left slide (aft of chair) is not extended in this photo.
  2. Is there a master list anywhere of where all of the campgrounds are with owner sites?
  3. My biggest fear is the teething. My previous lab loved the berber carpet in my house and having fun with the threads she pulled. My fear is the RV carpet is of the same type "like berber" or whatever it is and will be prime for the puppy to have fun with. I'm thinking of putting some cheap Walmart runners on top of it. I'll be on alert when she's not in the crate!!
  4. I particularly don't care what CAT modem the unit has, these days the antenna is the most important. I'll probably upgrade the hardware every other year, my next buy will be something with 4x4 MIMO or better. The problem right now is the only products with 4x4 MIMO are CAT 18 or better which do not support Sprint. Sprint (and soon joined with T-Mobile) is a viable option due to their lower subscriber base so I've had good success with my Sprint hotspot plan as a backup. AT&T is the dominant carrier (for me), Verizon is horrendous on prepaid, Sprint is hit or miss but when hit it's very good. Spend your money on Pepwave or Cradlepoint and bypass the other products as they are inferior in my opinion. The enterprise products designed for fleets are an ideal match for RVers IMHO.
  5. Thanks all, great tips. I have a crate on order, sadly it will be temporary to have the smaller one in the coach, the big one will be at home. I'm a big fan of crate training. Good tips on the desert floor and paws. Major kudos to chewy.com, what a great company. I ordered two cases of food when my prior lab was end of life phase (liver cancer) and she passed sooner than expected. Didn't have a chance to use the food. Chewy refunded me and said donate it. Forever a customer now.
  6. Thanks all, I'll check into it. I need to look at the BLM permit requirements, don't want any surprises.
  7. Using WiFi calling on your phone can be a life saver. Solid internet is not only for business but also for safety. Something like a Pepwave or Cradlepoint unit may be expensive but it's your safety to maintain communications as well. Good point @jbh
  8. Used it once, just haven't had a need for it. Paid $650 for it but will take best offer. I'll be in Quartzsite in January if anyone will be there. Prefer not to ship as it would be expensive to package and ship this monster with the telescoping pole. I'm in Tucson now then moving north to Mesa, Sedona, Lake Powell etc. ahead then Quartzsite.
  9. In early 50's looking to potentially sell my house in VA and move to a RV resort/community. Why not live in a more resort area and one where I can travel half the year. I'm not a "full timer" at this time but a "most of the timer" and am considering parking in a nice resort type area when not traveling the country. I welcome any recommendations.
  10. I'm getting a female yellow lab in a month as I'm finally getting over the loss of my baby girl last March. I started RVing in mid 2017 and had an adult lab. Any tips on having a puppy in a motorhome? I welcome any and all advice, it's my 4th yellow lab but first puppy in the motorhome. Thanks for your tips. I'm excited!!!
  11. I'm in AZ now through April. I want to get some boondocking in as I have 1800W of solar on the roof. I've never boondocked before and am a little leery for safety as a solo RVer. Any recommendations for good but safe boondocking locations in central AZ? I'm going to Quartzsite in January and will be boondocking the latter part of the month.
  12. I have DISH and I noticed they have new remotes available. I bought 3, one for forward area, bedroom, and now I have one for my external TV bay. I didn't realize you could add them, stupid me! Anyways the new remotes you can get on Amazon or from Dish and have a much better button press but also voice command via Google Home (I don't have any google home things as I use Alexa) and the setup is easy. It's also backlit which is nice. The former remotes I have with my Wally boxes are called 52.0 remotes. Nice add for any Dish customers.
  13. I bought my 2017 Newmar Ventana in mid 2017 realizing as a software business owner I could still work and travel at the same time. I've been through so many iterations of Internet from Weboost, WiFi Ranger, cellular hotspot use, etc. etc. I am very glad I jumped on the Mobley plan which I still maintain and even got the Verizon Prepaid unlimited when it was offered the end of last year although it's so heavily throttled it's a terrible option. I recently added the Sprint 120 GB hotspot plan and somehow that now shows as a 200 GB plan so that's cool. What I'm using these days is a Pepwave BR1 MK2 that I got from https://5gstore.com and I also added another one the Pepwave BR1 MINI so that I could have two active carriers in use at the same time. While both units have two sim slots there is a period of time it takes to switch which is fine for both but having two active carriers at the same time allows some neat options such as the Pepwave can figure out which one is best to use. There are a lot of great options in the Pepwave units and the user interface is outstanding. The pepwave unit is an enterprise router that is used in delivery vehicles etc but it's also ideal for RV use. It has wifi for picking up campground wifi and also cellular and you can use the rabbit ear antennas included or wire up a roof antenna. I added panorama 5-in-1 to my roof and later a 2-in-1 for the BR1 MINI. The best installation location I've found is actually just mounting it to the top of your air conditioner shroud. Shorter cable length is typically best but I think antenna position is more important in the end and that's the highest point for me and I've seen no issues with a running AC unit interfering. I've been using this setup for a year now and in my travels all around the country I have not needed Weboost once. I have both the 4G-X and RV 65 units. It's that good! I'm happy to no longer use the extremely buggy WiFi ranger setup. Invest in the Pepwave or Cradlepoint units and you will be super pleased. If needed just call 5GStore.com and ask them for advice. I am NOT affiliated with 5Gstore.com but that's where I've spent far too much money and it's been well spent I'm a software business owner and techy (aka geek) and I even removed my jack knife sofa in my Ventana and installed an UpDesk so I have a full up office setup in my coach as I'm a developer. This is the way to go for internet in 2019 and beyond. I personally chose Pepwave but my fellow RVer geeks have also chosen Cradlepoint with the 4x4 MIMO antenna option. I've had no issues with any SIM working in these units. There is a bit of a process to get the Mobley sim transferred, if that hasn't been outlined here I'd be happy to help. Hope this helps.
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