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  1. We were thinking of starting as San Diego and heading North through the whole thing. Thought about leaving the trailer and taking just an HDT and towing a jeep etc. No HDT restrictions along the route? The person we talked to made it seem complicated. This might be an entirely stupid question.
  2. Well, we are trying to plan out a trip to the Pacific Coast Highway along Cali, and a ton of people have said not to take a 40+ foot rig. Has anyone taken their HDT through that area, maybe with a trailer or flat towed a toad? Ed
  3. Steve, Do you have a link to a similar looking one that you are looking at, even if it's overpriced? Just starting our search. Ed
  4. I sent the dealer a request to do a walk around Video, lets see what happens. Hmmm, a flat roof, 5k solar, Quad Victron Multi's, 2 hacked Volt packs. Hmmmm.
  5. Hey Blue, Grab some shots of the pads and area for me, the wife is bugging me to do something like that now. Ed
  6. Great rally. Big thanks to all that put it together or helped out.
  7. Well, to everyone we told we were headed to TX, guess not now. Goodwill had two slots they were taking in my CDL class they had given up, but took them back. LOL. It all worked out and I will be taking the CDL class now in FL, in ST Petersburg. I’ll save a grand and get some diving and spearfishing in as well. Can’t beat that. Ill be able to get that 18 speed off the bucket list. Ed
  8. Hello All, Arrived last night just after dark. We the Grey Cyclone with the large rack of solar panels on top, and have the Gray Ram 3500 (yes the little truck), and are parked in the back row. We have 2 girls with us 9 Krista, and Sara 6, they LOVE animals, so if you happen to stroll by.......... Stop by and say hi, love to meet you all. Ed & Melissa
  9. Planning on showing up early around the 4th or so. It will be our first HDT rally. Sounds like we will learn a lot. Will we be assigned spots or do we just pick one? We will have 2 girls with us ages 9 and 6. We look forward to meeting everyone. Ed
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