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  1. Thanks Black N Tan Caravan!
  2. Please go ahead and make your suggestions... the freecampsites.net route i posted was just to see what i would get if i clicked the options buttons requesting no highways, tolls, etc. I had previously only searched an individual location and never tried their trip option. I used Bridgeport, CT as the destination to force the program to avoid NYC to get to LI (Mt. Sinai is one of the places i will be visiting). From Bridgeport, i can get to LI via the Port Jefferson ferry. I am not necessarily trying to avoid Interstate highways altogether, just trying to avoid metro areas with a lot of traffic and congestion. I do recognize that Interstates can give me better access to diesel fuel. I’m open to any options/suggestions.
  3. Here is a route that was proposed by the trip planner of freecampsites.net that uses the following parameters: no highways (i think this means no interstates), no tolls, and available camping within 50 miles of the suggested route. As i plan this trip and make adjustments to the proposed route, i plan to post updates in this thread for others that may be considering traversing the same area. This route is approximate 1584 miles. Google maps shows the quickest route using Interstate 90 at 1465 miles. https://freecampsites.net/#!Madison+SD~Bridgeport,+CT,+USA&query=routeSearch&routeDistance=50&routeIndex=0&routeAvoid=HighwaysTolls&optimize=true
  4. Twotoes, do you have any opinions, recommendations, or warnings about US Routes 6 and 20 as alternate east-west routes?
  5. I would like to spend an average of no more than 2-3 nights per stop with the idea that each change of location would be no more than 200 miles - a trip that would take between 2 and 3 weeks. I realize that your suggestions of places to visit may lengthen the time it takes if they aren’t located along a direct route but that might be ok - my preference of location is natural scenic beauty, most everything else is difficult or impossible with the dog. My only time concern has to do with the fact that i don’t know how long i will be in NY/NJ and don’t want to run into any early winter or other inclement weather before i head south and west. I don’t expect to depart from SD until late September. I was raised in NYC and drove there until i was 25 when i left - about 40 years ago. Although i have some experience with city traffic and congestion, i would like to avoid it as much as possible. Your response is very generous and i hope i answered all the questions you had.
  6. I’m trying to plan a trip from South Dakota to Long Island and New Jersey. And just the thought of it is giving me a headache. I’m wondering if anyone has already done a trip like this and would like to share the route taken. I already have decided the following... where i will be staying upon arrival not to travel through Canada to avoid as much traffic and congestion (metropolitan areas) as possible i don’t need to rush I will be traveling in a 21 foot diesel class B with a dog. Anyone?
  7. I’m finding (here in central California, at least) there is a shortage of po boxes available. I heard someone say once that the post office he went to had a waiting list for a po box.
  8. I have a cassette toilet. Neither Cathedral Pines nor Wildwood allow pets. I travel with a 35lb. Australian Shepherd mix. In my original research i found that only Smith Point allows pets.
  9. Sleeping in my van at the house i will be visiting is not allowed and would be impossible to pull off surreptitiously (how’s that for a $2 word). If i recall my research at the time, the Smith Point campground is the only one within a reasonable distance to where i am going that allows pets so i am stuck with the task of trying my best to get a spot there before they are all snatched up. Thanks for mentioning the Green Key Card. I am aware of this requirement but did not mention it but anyone else coming across this thread would need to know that.
  10. Yes, it does help. I didn’t check rvparkreviews but bookmarked it for the future. Looks like a real good place to camp. I am concerned with booking a site given trouble i had navigating the online system and the fact that most, if not all, sites are snatched up soon after becoming available - a problem i have experienced before with other campgrounds and online reservation systems. Ill just have to try to get there after labor day.
  11. I plan on visiting family on Long Island late summer/early autumn of 2018 and have identified Smith Point County Park at the east end of Fire Island National sea shore as possibly the best suited for my needs - close to family, pet friendly, beautiful location. I’m interested in hearing from Escapees with some experience staying at Smith Point regarding crowds, availability of sites, reservations (online or phone), in season/off season, or any other matter that may come to mind.
  12. Good advice. Thanks. I’ve been keeping detailed notes with information and dates of govt agencies, organizations, and companies that ive notified of my SD address. Im doing this because i am currently living in California and figure that if there was ever a state that may challenge one’s residency it would be CA. in fact, regarding California DMV, one can list both a residence and a mailing address. I list my current residence in CA but list my mailing address as SD.
  13. Anyone have any stories or experiences of skipping the performances and just chilling in the campgrounds and parking lots enjoying the community experience, watching and saying hello to folks, and so on? At times i choose campgrounds even if i can boondock just for the opportunity to be around people. I’m sure the fun, laughter, music, and good times of music festivals spills over into the campground with impromptu jam sessions and the like.
  14. I’ve been studying how fulltimers travel to see of i can get a feel for how i might pace myself when i hit the road. 200 miles or less seems comfortable for me personally. I was thinking about this and wondered if i could draw a circle with a particular radius around a given point on google maps to figure out - more or less since the distance would be in a straight line - what lied within that particular circle. It appears that this is not a capability on google maps except by using additional software or going to a website that incorporates that software on a web page. Here’s an article on the subject... https://diaryofdennis.com/2016/10/17/how-to-show-a-radius-around-a-google-maps-location/
  15. I went to the medicare website today to change my address to SD and was sent to the Social security website to do it. It appears that medicare uses whatever address the SSA has for you.
  16. I've been following this thread and i am a bit confused. I always thought that sales tax is determined by the location of the sale and not the residence of the purchaser. Please help me understand where i am wrong. Thanks
  17. Currently in preparation for full-time traveling, I have been considering several map programs to record my travels. I have decided on two programs to experiment with - Google's My Maps and SpotWalla. I like Google's My Maps because i am familiar with Google Maps and comfortable using Google's map programs. I like SpotWall because it appears comprehensive in its structure and uses technology and software that is mostly open source. I don't, however, have any specific user experience with SpotWalla that would allow me to recommend it or to identify any shortcomings in the program. I may use both. I would like to hear from others who have specific experience with SpotWalla.
  18. I haven't seen anything on bank accounts, banking - please pardon me if i missed it. When i go full time i will already have changed everything over to my SD address (mail, dl, veh reg, voting, etc.) but i would like to maintain my relationship with the bank i have been using for almost 30 years (a California credit union). Any one have any negative experiences or warnings about doing this that may provide California a means to question or reject my SD domicile claim. BTW, my pension check goes directly to the credit union via direct deposit.
  19. I find it difficult in these times of high technology that there isnt a database that will identify a senior pass holder so a lost card can be replaced without having to purchase another. If they are lifetime passes then the politicians that were ok with the price increase should have provided for a way to get a replacement card without paying the fee again.
  20. I had a Pedego electric bike a few years ago. I loved it. And I would highly recommend it. Any bike has some limitations compared to a toad but these may be a good alternative in some situations. http://www.pedegoelectricbikes.com/
  21. Would the use of B20 adversely affect heater and other systems that use the vehicle's diesel as its fuel source?
  22. Thank you, remoandiris, for the work you put in to help me on this issue. In practice i go by the general definition of my ESA as a pet except for the very limited coverage allowed by the FHA and FAA. There's room for improvement in laws and policies regarding ESAs however. For instance, i find it absurd that an ESA is not allowed the same privileges on railroads in the United States as they do on airlines. I can't imagine taking Matilda with me on a flight but would sure like to travel with her on a train.
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