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  1. That does work. Thanks! Too easy! I first tried it on an iPad and it did not work; it required confirmation. When I tried it on a Windows laptop, just now, it worked like a charm.
  2. Helpful people have suggested work-arounds, but no one has answered my question: "Is there a way to turn off that #@&% feature?" When I looked, I did not find a way to turn it off, but I am surprised such a thing is the default and unavoidable.
  3. And, Kimmipi, more importantly, welcome to rvnetwork.com!
  4. Yes. When you initiate a search within a forum or topic, you will be given a choice to confine your search to that forum or topic.
  5. Well yeah, even with my Old Timer's Disease, I know which forums I have read, but it is nice, when I come back that forum, to instantly see which topics have new posts. Am I overlooking the obvious?
  6. Since the update, every time I click "Mark forum read," I am required to confirm it. Is there a way to turn off that #@&% feature?
  7. Even if it does not become our primary tool, I am sure it will be another useful tool.
  8. You captured my interest. For the benefit of others, when I went to the App Store and searched, I did not find Garmin USA, but going to Garmin.com>Products>Apps and scrolling almost to the bottom, I found Garmin StreetPilotĀ® Onboard. Clicking on that brought up Garmin U.S.A. as a choice. On your recommendation, and my general satisfaction with Garmin products, I am going to give it a try on the iPad we plan to use in the RV. I am confident I will get $50 worth of utility out of it.
  9. Most of my spare moments for the last 24 hours have been spent on your website, TV4RV.com, and Bingin' around the Interwebby thingy. I think I am getting a handle on what would be needed, and what would be involved, in going the route of a tripod-mounted dish. I have a couple of questions about details. Is this the item you refer to as an elevation screw kit? Is the First Strike FS1 ProHD meter a good balance of price/function for my purpose? Is there something else you would recommend instead? I am willing to pay for ease of use and quality. I like the TV4RV.com stuff, especially the heavy-duty tripod. The folks there may become my BFFs. With "all the money I saved from an X2," what kinds of accessories would you suggest? The functionality of the tripod-mounted dish is undisputed and very appealing. I have to confess, I am struggling with taking on the complexity and learning curve. DW, CFO, is resistant to the less user-friendly, even if less functional, solution for those times when the TRAV'LER up top cannot see the satellites. But, I want to fully understand the decision I am making and live with it for a while before committing. Your help in the process is truly appreciated!
  10. Eddie, you are undoubtedly the better for that position, and I sincerely commend you for it. OTOH, to throw in an acronym, I am older then you are and plan to continue on my path of dissipation!
  11. Trial embedding a link to a satellite dish at TV4RV.com.
  12. Ah ha! That, sad to say, is what was not sinking in. I understand the benefit of accessing multiple satellites simultaneously. That is why, not needing in-motion viewing or DVRing, I had elected to go with the TRAV'LER instead of the dome. The lazy me wants to think using an automatic antenna, like the X2, would suffice for backup when we cannot get a campsite that will work for the TRAV'LER. We do not plan to full-time, as you asked, but do plan to spend weeks or months in the mountains during the summer and somewhere further south in the winter. I probably need to dig in and learn to deal with the tripod dish with the multi-headed LNBF. Of course, you knew this, and were trying to tell me this, all along! Thank you for sticking with me until the light came on. Now, back to study your website. And, I may bug Dutch to share details of his tripod hacks.
  13. Thank you for your patience and spoon-feeding of the satellite TV ignoramus! The motorhome will have multiple TV's, and sometimes it would be nice to be able to watch a particular one, but my wife is really the only TV watcher. I waste my time in other ways! So, anything beyond feeding a signal to a specific television is gravy. What would using the DISH antenna, tripod, aiming tools, scope and meter do for me (DW actually) that the Pathway X2 would not do automatically? For that matter, what would the LEV'LER do that the X2 would not do, except require me to place and connect the antenna? Easy and convenient is imperative. Since the CFO is the primary beneficiary of our investment in satellite TV, I expect it will be an easy sell!
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