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  1. Okay, the need to have another relationship isn't there. That is not what I was referring to but rather when I had that "near death" experience 50 years ago I saw a side of life that I had never seen before. There is only one uniqueness call "me". What I saw, what I learned was another person cannot complete the uniqueness called "me" but the joy of it was in sharing it with another unique person in the bonds created by God. Yes, I am a Christian who learned of God from God. He has slapped me down when needed but He has shown me He is there even when not needed. I cannot explain it to so
  2. There is a storey of a boy who sailed around the world alone. It was written up in National Geographic. In this voyage he met his future wife and she followed him as he sailed alone. Having her at his next port kept him going. On his last step of sailing to the Panama Canal he received a letter from her as she was travelling through Switzerland. This one line has stuck with me over the years "There is so much beauty here and all over and I want to say to you how beautiful it is but your not here and suddenly its not as beautiful. Funny, beauty isn't as beautiful if you can't share it wit
  3. I bought a new 30' Arctic Fox back in 2008 to take my then wife and me to see this country. She was younger than me and wanted no part of full time RV life or travelling. She was happiest when being with her friends and doing things with them. After 29 years of marriage we divorced. I finally am tired of just laying around and would like to get my 5th wheel ready and head out, slowly at first seeing things as I go around here in the west. I have wanted to go to Alaska for over 20 years and maybe I'll do it this time. I don't like being single but a bad marriage is much worse. Just befor
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