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  1. Thanks, Bill. I just did a search for clear channel in Salt Lake and got KSL 1160. It's coming in strong right now at home in southern Colorado. I expect it will do what I need while boondocking. Many thanks. Lew
  2. Thank you, Dave. My goal for this boondocking trip is to be surrounded by that peace and quiet instead of being assaulted by pre-election and post-election commentary. Whatever the result, may peace prevail. Lew
  3. Not exactly an amateur radio question, but I'm guessing this is the best place to find help. I will be camping in remote SE Utah during the coming week with no cell service, no wifi and no satellite TV or radio. I'd like to get timely election results and any related news that might affect my travel decisions. I will have a rarely used Tecsun PL-600 portable radio. Does anyone have suggestions for AM stations/frequencies that I might pickup (best at night, I presume)? SW would be a possibility too, I guess, with that radio, although I am woefully ignorant of likely frequencies. At worst, I'll just fiddle with the dial. Thanks and happy, safe travels.
  4. I'm a vet. I'm also a former National Park ranger. While this is great for veterans and families, the parks will be hit hard financially unless their funding is increased from other sources to compensate.
  5. Hosts can get land-line phone service and Internet service at their site in the Basin directly from Big Bend Telephone Co. out of Alpine.
  6. We have volunteered 11 times in 4 national parks and 4 times in 3 state parks and have never received a monetary stipend or filled out any forms at those parks related to IRS/income tax.
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