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  1. Have recently installed new wheel skirting on my 2005 Alpenlite 32' Medina RL due to a tire blowout taking the skirting out. That's done, but I didn't realize I also lost a chunk of the metal skirting between the wheel fiberglass skirting and the entrance stairway. Are there 'RV Junkyards' where I could possibly find this metal skirting part? Other suggestions? Thanks, Dave
  2. Thanks for suggestions all. Will fabricate replacements. Dave
  3. https://share.icloud.com/photos/05FKBLz9-5gVGKontKU2cmeSQ Very small pix upload limits here. Try the link. Thanks, Dave
  4. My 5th wheel main hatch door frame is loose from its mounting. There are 3 little plastic widgets that screw down to floor of compartment and clamp down over the door frame to hold it in place. All 3 have cracked and broken over time so the frame is just loosely in place. What are those widgets called? I can't find them online for replacement since I don't know what they are called. Ideas?
  5. Maybe end of adventure. Received reimbursement check for tow vehicle towing. Received denial of claim for trip interruption benefits because the 'RV' was not disabled, only the tow vehicle. BAH! 5th wheel members beware. What DOES 'all vehicles covered' mean? Escapees was never any help. Beware!
  6. And now a full week has passed with no useful response from either Escapees nor SafeRide.
  7. And for sure both Escapees and 'SafeRide' need to answer publicly on here as to whether the tow vehicle has full coverage or not.
  8. I've been on Escapees program 3 weeks. Downloaded, installed, and used app 5 days ago. Hmmmm Also, address for SafeRide and VAS is identical, but VAS roadside assist rep has 'never heard of' SafeRide or Escapees. The 'twilight zone' is in operation here.
  9. Now that I've finally received thru VAS an actual copy of my "Escapees' 'SafeRide' coverage document, I see no mention of "All vehicles" covered NOR "all family members" covered. HMMMM?
  10. The 'adventure' continues. This morning I called a left a 'call me' message on SafeRide's site. I did eventually get a call from 'Team3 at 'VAS'. Bottom line: There is no such entity as 'SafeRide'. All contact is from VAS who provides services for 90 entities. Why Escapees is touting 'SafeRide', when in fact all services are from 'VAS' escapes me. I do now have instructions for how to file a claim for the trip interruption benefits promised and I have a customer service person who is 'looking into' why I was forced to give a credit card number in order to get towed even though 'SafeRide' PROMISES that 'all vehicles are covered'. And now 'Escapees' is mouthing support. To be continued.
  11. The adventure continues. This morning I see they did charge me $142 to tow my tow vehicle. While I'm dead stuck on the side of the road, they demand a charge card number for a 'non-standard' tow of my tow vehicle. What choice do I have? 'All vehicle are covered' ? Right?
  12. My first experience with 'saferide' thru escapees is underway. More problems than I will enumerate for now, but I am in a KOA park with tow vehicle in shop nearby. Took 5 hours to get 2 tows thru 'saferide'. There was never any SafeRide employee at the numbers called. SafeRide claims they have 4 redundant call centers, but they direct me to a number that is NOT them. And, the unnamed 3rd party calling service handles 90! different programs and has no clue who SafeRide is. I can not get a copy of what my services are supposed to be, printer was broken the day I signed up. I get no replies to email requests. Escapees doesn't care. 'SafeRide" customer service is closed weekends. Call to claims number gets a voicemail response saying see your contract for how to file a claim. No way to see contract. I'll have more to say later if we ever get back on the road home and don't get stuck for more towing charges. Lousy customer service at Escapees - Don't care. Refer you to 'SafeRide' who won't respond. No customer service at 'SafeRide'. Are they even a real entity? No idea who the real 3rd party is who answers some calls. WOW!
  13. Turns out that having the rig on a very slight side-to-side slope allowed water draining down the kitchen slide to travel 4-5 feet under the slide and come out on the floor in the kitchen. Levelled the rig perfectly this year and have had no further problems. Dave
  14. Thanks for the tips! Have made some progress and actually saw a puddle of water coming from under the refer slide. At least I now know where it's coming in. When I get down to dry and warm country in a few days I'll be able to find out how it get in/under there. Nothing obvious I could see in the melting snow today. Dave
  15. 2005 Alpenlite 5er. Used only twice per year, parked closed up most all the time. Have had the rig 5 years. Last year, when we got ready to go South the carpet, in the center of the rig, under the edge of the closed up sofa side slide, was quite wet. We thought a jug of water under the kitchen counter had maybe frozen and leaked. This year, after being dry for several months, and with no water in tanks or lines, now in rainy season, it is quite wet again. No evidence of leakage from above at all. Looks like somehow water 'wicks' 4-5 feet, under the slide, to the center of the rig. Doesn't seem possible. Have any of you had a similar situation? Thoughts? Thanks, Dave
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