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  1. im registered as a Private Truck out of South Dakota Towing my 40' Toyhauler, doubt i would be bobtailing as were moving to portland. have our other vehicle that the wife is driving.
  2. Where gonna be headed North out of northern Nevada to Portland Oregon in the next 6 months, what are the laws these days with NON-Carb truck, HDT a 1998 with a Detroit Series 60 12.7. ive heard alot of different info on this so i need to figure out my route long before we leave. Thoughts?
  3. depends on when yours was manufactured. i have a full set of Gen 1 service manuals and schematics. my books cover from 1996-2002.
  4. there are adapters that you choose the semi plug end and the radio mfg end. i may still have the stereo that came out of my 1998 with the factory plugs still on it. be after christmas before i get to my storage unit to dig for you. just let me know if your interested.
  5. theres actually 2 different clusters for 1998. they changed a bunch of wiring in the 1998-2002 versus the 1996-1998 years.. if you look at your MFG date in the drivers side door jam will tell you. and theres 2 different LCD's as well. AND if you replace one of your circuit boards, they MAY or MAY NOT have to be programmed to know what gauges are in that PARTICULAR cluster and mileage and VIN number. *I* do have a bunch of cluster parts spare.
  6. i know a few friends running the IHC 9400 with the Cummins. ALL pre-egr.
  7. ive NEVER been asked about vaccines on my dogs when either bobtail or pulling my 5er with my volvo. my 2 dogs ride with me. ive been in and out of Cali a number of times with my setup and never once asked about my dogs. usually waived thru or asked about produce. im registered as private truck out of SD. Good luck and enjoy yourself.
  8. Big5er, ill get ahold of him and find out. its been probably 5 years since i talked to him and probably 7+ since we did the ravelco. -Lou10
  9. sorry to hear about your problems. ive run Ravelco stuff in all our vehicles including our Volvo. it connects to 2 circuits, most thieves will try to cut the armored cable (if they can manage to cut it) behind the ravelco itself and twist the wiring together which blows Both fuses and the truck aint going ANYWHERE. with the Ravelco in place , you cant even hotwire the truck at the starter. the way we installed our ravelco (my buddy is a dealer) , it takes out the power to the ECM and the starter circuit and mine is also paired with a Viper Alarm with Pain generators installed by both doors inside and another 2 in the sleeper and under the hood is 1 set of Train horns. (if theres no air for the train horns, system switches to regular sirens) feel free to shoot me a email or PM and i can clue you in better on how this setup works great. -Lou10
  10. Lol... thats NOT improved... that reverse progress. hopefully you bought it on a credit card. mines rated for 24k and when poking thru the manufacturers website i didnt see the exact model mine is. but again mine is pre lippert owning Trail-Air.
  11. thats horrid. take it back to where you bought it and demand you money back. looked at mine when i was home today (currently transisting to a brick and mortar home as my father recently had a stroke and cant be left alone anymore in addition to his alzheimers) and mine is a solid bottom plate. no wonder your feeling it.... mines not the same model... mine is http://store.lci1.com/air-ride-pin-box-trailair
  12. thats really ODD. and you have the airbag inflated according to the directions? my 5er i run the airbag a bit lower on air than the manual says because that i was a hair Nose up and the next bolt holes made the 5er nose down.. but i never have gotten pushed by the 5er like your describing. sounds like its time for a camera back there to see whats going on but since Trailair is now owed by Lippert (around 2007ish) ,id be checking all the bolts and everything for any kind of play or a missing bushing or something. you SHOULDNT be getting "pushed" or "chunking" from that pinbox.
  13. You shouldnt be seeing any chunking from the Trailair (provided you dont have a air ride 5th wheel hitch like the ET or similiar.)... i got a solid mounted 4 way hitch on my volvo and the Trail-Air (came from the factory that way, granted my trail-air was made before they got bought up in 2007ish) on my 5er and it rides beautiful. got a camera that looks right at it so i can see it whats going on going down the road. i got over 30k miles with my setup and ive left things in my bedroom on the counter (by accident) in the 5er that might have broke with the roads in Utah, Wyoming on I-80 and they never moved a inch.
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