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  1. There are many to choose from and lots of info to digest when shopping. We have 2 Jupiter folding Discovery e bikes and love them. Do your research and take everything into consideration. Weight, wheel size, battery and motor size, speed,distance and do you really need it to fold. Also realize the speed, range, and power to climb hills will be changed with the weight of the rider. Prices and features are getting better every day, but don't wait to get one. We have really nice Specialized brand regular bikes and the e bikes are a total game changer. Good luck with whatever you decide. Jeff
  2. We had Trailmanor 2619 that we bought new in 2000. We previously owned a Rockwood pop up. We loved our pop up but the Trailmanor was AWESOME. Recirculating toilet was no big deal, and the size was perfect for 2 Adults 2 teens and a 80 pound boxer. These things last are designed to require very little maintenance. We sold ours in 2008 and went to a class A, but it was as good as new. Look around, I talked to a family last month that had just bought a used 2619 for 5000.00. I think they said it was a 2006 and it looked just like ours. Hope you have a blast in whatever you end up with. Jeff
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