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  1. I have some straps and a winch left over that need to go ASAP. Email me at brianwl69@yahoo.com 2 heavy duty tie down straps. 40.00 plus shipping 1 set car tie down straps never used. They were bought for my mini and use E-track. 60.00 plus shipping 1 6000lb winch never used. 125.00 too heavy to ship
  2. Serious case of Alligator Mouth overriding Hummingbird Brain. Frequent occurrence with the Air Force.
  3. I want to know why the Dr who blew the whistle let all those people die and waited until he retired before saying something?
  4. Definite rule to live by. Here's a couple more. 1. Service connection for a specific disability cannot be severed by the VA after it has been in place for 10 years unless they can prove fraud. 2. % of disability rating for a specific disability cannot be reduced after it has been in place for 20 years.
  5. Mr Furry Pants sent me a new companion yesterday. Her name is Winky. She's 9 years old and was at the Humane Society since April. She adopted me immediately. She's called Winky because she lost an eye when she was very young. As you can see, she's already made herself at home.
  6. I most certainly would be interested if I were closer. Does it come with all the slide hardware or is it just the drawer? Probably need to add or subtract that to your message. Good luck.

  7. Excellent. Those 870s are sweet.
  8. Early day today, can't miss my NASCAR race. I am in Truth or Consequences NM.
  9. I chose to modify my "BTTB is Fixed" thread rather than going into details here on "On the Road" section. Anyway, I'm 30 miles east of Albuquerque and BTTB roared as advertised all the way. Have to stop in Cochiti Lake to pick up my slider tray in the morning then heading for Tucson. ETA for Tucson is tomorrow evening or Sunday morning depending how tired I get.
  10. Elk City, OK today. BTTB likes 70mph just fine but the fuel tank doesn't. Lol. Still having air problems. Goes from 125 to below 100 in 15 min and needs 1200 rpm to start building pressure back up. Did FL rip me off?
  11. In N. Little Rock. Truck thought visiting the local FL shop would be nice. It developed a big air leak and would not build air yesterday morning. GS ERS came through and had it towed to the shop. I'm in a nearby motel.
  12. Currently camped out in the Pilot truck parking area about 80 miles east of Memphis enroute to Tucson, getting ready to enjoy my new mattress in my sleeper. AC is on and watching TV. Life just sucks.
  13. Guess now that I'm officially a member of the "dark side" I can post here too. I'm in Pickens SC and heading ???? on Sat or Sun.
  14. Anyone coming through Tucson, let me know. I LOVE to check out HDTs so I can see what is what for when I'm finally ready to start shopping.
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