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  1. Thank you. I am now on 30 hours of fridge without alarms. Hoping with all the suggestions and help from everyone here we may have this resolved . Keeping fingers crossed. We are scheduled to head out Tuesday morning for a short scalloping trip in west central Florida, thank you all.
  2. Thx. I have a friend coming over later with a load tester. Will see how health of battery is
  3. So, the service department actually called me a bit ago. He said to remove fridge light cover and unplug light. This somehow contacts are triggering close or something. I guess I will try when I get home. I rather unplug the alarm speaker!! lol
  4. Argh. Guess I spoke too soon. I went back out and checked. Fridge still working but now it is beeping. Shore and battery power connected. Dont have a load tester but battery monitoring switch show batt is full.
  5. Okay. So only thing left is why did it beep at campground and was connected to shore power and battery and switch was on. thanks again all for helping this newbie
  6. Okay. The dealer I bought from said I should turn battery power off by the disconnect switch installed when not in use. So when I plugged the 120 in yesterday and it started beeping could that be because I had the disconnect switch off? They provided a "rv course" prior to delivery but really didnt cover any of this or some other vital stuff thx
  7. Ok thanks, makes sense. So it primarily uses the battery but if batt fails or drains it will switch to converter?
  8. Thanks. Is it possible that even though plugged into shore power, the fridge is using the battery to run? thx again
  9. Yes, I was plugged into shore power. Yesterday afternoon I plugged 110 to the rv and turned on fridge. It beeped right away and then after a couple off and on's it stopped. I checked this morning and fridge is cold. Will let it run for a day or so and see if it starts beeping again. The whole thing is a bit puzzling
  10. Newbie here but not new to pellet grills. After a few years of this and that, I have found Rec Tec grills to be the best bang for buck. The 340 model is what I bought for camping and it collapses down to 24" for traveling. I have two other rec tecs at house. They just work great, built well and second to none in customer service. Whatever you get, enjoy and have fun.
  11. Well I will try to call GM tomorrow from dealership. Being brand new maybe he/she can light a fire. Would love to have it working before july 1 trip. thx again
  12. FYI As far as I could tell the fridge/freezer continued working fine. Just couldnt handle the continuous beeping
  13. Kirk Yes that is the one
  14. Sure thx! It is model dm2872rbx thx
  15. no lcd readout. Just an on/off and auto button. The service center said 3 weeks out and we have another trip planned for july 4th weekend so was hoping to see if something simple,. thx
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