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  1. Kirk, I have and the USPS picks it up. I asked escapees when I signed up and they said to use this; 4602 County Rd 673, XXXX Bushnell, FL 33513 However, the USPS and other places I am changing it does not like it and likes: 4602 CR 673, XXXX Bushnell, FL 33513 I was curious to see if anyone has done it recently in Sumter County to see if they got the one Escapees provided on their DL and such? I just want to get it right on some of the items I am changing to show proof of residency when I go to do my DL, vehicle registration, etc. Rick
  2. The USPS address look up confirms this address: 4602 CR 673, Bushnell, FL 33513
  3. Hi all, We have started our journey to changing our domicile and signed up for the mail forwarding. We decided to go with Florida. I am in the process of changing addresses and the am getting the infamous cannot find address error, please confirm. The address provided by escapees is: 4602 County Rd 673, XXXX Bushnell, FL 33513 Has anyone recently used this address and had any problems with changing addresses? Thanks, RIck and Michele
  4. Thanks All we really appreciate the input.
  5. Thanks for the input definitely something to consider.
  6. My wife and I are in Tennessee and we are looking at purchasing an RV in a different state to get the best deal. Question I pose to the forum is this: Has anyone previously done this and how does the warranty issues work if you buy it from a dealer that is not local to your area? Do you have to find a dealer willing to service the RV through the manufacturer? Thanks for the help, Rick and Michele
  7. That is the problem I am trying to avoid. I will be doing more research on the topic. I have no problem changing my domicile to Florida but I will be working here in TN. I may have to go see a lawyer.
  8. Thanks Linda. We are looking at a 32ft Class C. You are correct it will be 8-10 years old before we can go full time on the road, that is just a reason to upgrade at that point
  9. Kirk, I have about 8-10 years till retirement. We have both decided that there will be no more Expat positions for us as we want to stay stateside from here on out. We are registering for the RV boot camp in November as well. We are just getting started so all the advice thus far from everyone has been greatly appreciated. As for the RV we are looking for one right on the cusp of an A and C. We wan to be able to travel the likes of twisting and turning mountain roads without major issues. A good road example would be Newfound Gap Rd. from Gatlinburg to Cheorkee. Thanks again.
  10. We are looking to buy a Class C RV to live and work out of as well as travel in for our vacations. Once we retire we want to travel full time and see the US. The work that I am in has allowed us to travel the world now we want to see the US and visit as many national parks as we can.
  11. Thanks to the both of you we really appreciate any help.
  12. My wife and I are looking to move full time into an RV here in the Knoxville, TN area. We are looking at some RV Resort/Camp places and have questions in regards to getting a proper address for our DL, mail, etc. Any help would be great, Rick and Michele
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