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  1. Yes it's confusing because you are contradicting everything the SKP's and lawyers have told me. I have found NOTHING about having to have a second real physical address. I think you're misreading the FDIC document. Your link and quote is found under the heading: Customer Verification. NOT customer ADDRESS verification! The bank simply has to identify YOU not you actual residence! Once they have YOU as in SS#, DL, Voter Reg, Bank Accounts I don't think they care too much about where YOU are. They have red flagged typical UPS mail boxes more out of the database that has them zoned non residential despite having a physical address. They KNOW you can't live there. In fact the entire FDIC document you provided deals exclusively with NEW accounts! As the one who initiated this thread I did not ask about opening new accounts. I don't recall that being brought up except by you. THIS is why it's confusing..... For what it's worth I ran a scenario past my bank saying that, and much of this is true, I will be moving out of my house and traveling this summer on an business tour. I want to get the SKP address and wait and see where I end up in ~6 months when tour is over. They said "no problem". An insistence of a physical address did not come up in their response to me. Back to my initial question was simply are there other states that allow the SKP type physical mail box or what ever it is? Specifically AZ. This appears to be a state law issue.....
  2. Sure BUT Escapees provides a PHYSICAL address....as you say in your post....Should not be a problem..... Without full information yet my bank said it shouldn't be an issue... This applies only the SKP addresses. I'm not sure how it works.
  3. I'm a renter so once I move out of current place on June 1 I'll have to have something....Like I said I'd just as soon keep it in AZ for now but it doesn't look like there's a good option for mail service that my bank allows. Current events may make the Texas option tricky that soon too if I can't get out there to set it up. I know I can do a lot via the mail but seems being present assures accuracy. I wonder why more states don't take this free income option? AZ would be prime as so many CA residents would shift over! Even with relatively high fees nothing compared to CA!
  4. Well I understand the Escapees mail service IS....Those in TX, FLA and SD.
  5. Hi, Are TX, FLA, SD the ONLY states that allow remote domiciling? While I'm leaning towards Texas being an AZ resident who just paid registrations and have a business here it would be simpler to keep AZ but I know of no Escapees like mailbox service that allows banking, acts as a physical address.... I don't want to draw attention to myself by flip flopping around and keeping AZ would simply register as a change of address....I think... Is there as way to make any state a domicile state without having an actual residence? Thanks!
  6. Hi, With all the closing parks I just saw that Tyson Wells in Quartzsite AZ will be open this summer for displaced RV'ers. FRom their FB page: "Tyson Wells R.V. Park in Quartzsite, AZ will welcome campers for the month of April. We normally close for the summer, but for campers needing a place to stay you are welcome to stay with us. Our monthly rent is $175 + metered electric" You know as much as I now so give them a call for more info.
  7. Thanks! I found their web site which seems designed in 1990.... Impossible to figure out....
  8. A temperature activated switch doesn't sound too complicated. Imagine that...lives at risk and they're bickering over money! Where's Jonas Salk when ya need him!
  9. I recall reading about this last year when RV'ing but never got around to studying it. WHY doesn't Dometic have such a device installed in every fridge and if not it seems that they should be held liable for each and every RV fire when there is an issue and a cure?
  10. I'll take Mexico, Thailand or Bangladesh etc ANY DAY over china! Last month I was at gem show in Tucson looking at some Chinese turquoise. They had somehow routed little worm tracks in the gems and filled with copper. I deal in turquoise and have never seen native copper in turquoise much less and inclusions like than in any gems (my qualifications: MS in geoscience and been in gem trade since 1992). I questioned them at length and 3 or 4 of the sellers assured me "all 100% natural just out of the ground" which I knew was a lie. To prove it I noticed one that was made in the same fashion that had a Chinese symbol routed into it filled with copper! When confronted they stuck by there story "all 100% natural just out of the ground ...except hat ONE". All the while smiling and nodding heads. Dressed to the 9's trying to look like honest business men...Business 101 in china! The next time I deal with an honest merchant from china will be the first time! I love the people and the historic culture. I have many friends with Chinese ancestry. I am referring to the current communist business practices.
  11. Yep! EMS-PT50X is what I got! Was on sale at Camping World last week, $313 shipped and tax. Don't buy from Amazon! They have sold me two of these that were open box and missing parts! And cost more! Funny thing about these. They do a 90 second or so test before the power flows to your RV. I thought I was having trouble with my panel as every time I hooked up it took me about a minute to get inside and another 29 seconds to notice no power and I'd give it a little kick at exactly the moment it timed out and went one! This happened like the first 10 times I did it! One time I got in sooner and the kick didn't work for another minute. It was only then I discovered my kick did nothing and that's how it's supposed to work!
  12. Heavy...and...... made in china...
  13. Considered it.... but with recent events I am DONE as much as possible with made in china!
  14. Hi, if you're unawares Honda has places a stop sale on this model generator due to what I understand to be circuit boards tin/zinc whiskers due to environmentally friendly lead free solder. No recall yet as rep I spoke with said they are trying to determine which circuit boards are affected. Hopefully solved soon but is there a good option for a quiet rugged generator that holds its value? Some like the Harbor Freight Predator series but I'm not a fan of most of HF's products. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I requested my new RV be upgraded to two new AGM batteries but forgot to push real hard in negotiations. I requested them as part of the deal but on second thought can't recall the salesman's exact response other than "fresh batteries". It has classic Interstate 12v wet batteries now. Is there an advantage one kind over another? I've been lead to believe the AGM are superior in every way. I have a feeling when I get to PDI there will be the same old Interstates... Is that a deal breaker or if they stand firm should I just take the deal and move on or buy the AGMs? Thanks!
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