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  1. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    I kinda like the peace of mind of new...although IME many "new" products are flawed and they don't make 'em like they used to! I've been on the edge of a couple disasters in my time and while it's nice to power the coach it's even better to have one when really needed. Thanks, Az Tex
  2. Thanks! It's a brand new factory installed AC. It isn't rattling; just a loud fan! It's the roof mount type on an Airsteam. I guess a "portable" would be doable with power but portable is relative and they aren't really when it comes to vehicles.... I'll have to see how it goes! Thanks, Az Tex
  3. Howdy, I survived a few nights in the 20's with a furnace on the fritz and learned how to fix it and got a good space heater and many blankets! I want to be more prepared as it gets warmer (hopefully sooner than later! :D) I have an Airstream Sport 22FB with stock Dometic AC that sounds like a jet plane! Are smaller portable units an option? How about small less amperage swamp coolers? My plan is to avoid extremes but ya know how things can go... The Airstream opens up pretty good to get lots of air flow. Thanks, Az Tex
  4. aztex

    Bluegrass Festivals?

    Howdy! Any good ones coming up that aren't too big; easy in and out and good for a dog to be left in trailer for an hour or so at a time? I go for the camp ground picking as much or more than the acts so just need one that has close proximity of camp ground and show so I can check on dog. Mega shows like Telluride et al out of the question I know but I've been to some real goos small ones where you can camp within a few hundred yards of the stage. Old Huck Finn when in Victorville and Summergrass in Vista two that come to mind I used to go to annually. Like I said nit looking for all star line ups but just being in the scene! Thanks, Az Tex
  5. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Bummer! Sorry man! Sounds like a super easy fix; probably send you a dap of Loctite! Odd it's not listed on Honda........yet... Az Tex
  6. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    For some reason it's not listed on Honda but was on the Honda display and they halted sales at CW Tucson. Here's a photo. Sorry I was only trying to get serial numbers to check mine but the important parts should be readable.
  7. aztex

    Las Vegas

    Avoid Sams Town! I've heard tell of a couple trailer thefts. Not break ins but entire trailers lifted! Supposedly very weak security! YMMV Az Tex
  8. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Thanks! After shopping I just went with Campingworld for $1009. A used from a friend or known usage would have been an option but the couple I checked on CL needed work. Day after buying a recall notice hit but luckily mine not part of the recall! Az Tex
  9. aztex

    Upgrading Battery Monitor Or...?

    Thanks.. But in my 2019 Airstream sport it is a spaghetti system of wires stuffed under the bed. I think I identified the negative wire that is directly from the batteries but still have to make sure. Also I already determined I'd have to remove the top of the bed platform etc to make it easy to get at... So while simple not easy or as straight forward as I thought it'd be. I'll do it eventually but too much of a hassle now. Thanks, Az Tex
  10. aztex

    BLM Fees?

    Thanks! Looks like I got some home work! I want to try out along Colorado River/Q-site/CA deserts in the coming weeks/months.... I should do a close to town one where I can gauge my capacities and fine tune my usage. I bought a generator today so will be able to work and play! Thanks, Az Tex
  11. aztex

    Anxiety of Where To Stay!

    Thanks again, It seems most, err/ALL the parks in Tucson are full up! A couple kinda cool mid price range may have openings in March. I have a spot in Yuma for a couple weeks and am prepped for boondocking maybe out Anza Borrego region. I need internet though so I'll have to see what I get before I commit. Good news is I'm able to sustain my business! Maybe a 20% reduction in efficiency out of the Airstream but just working out kinks. If I can find a good spot and unroll out side a bit more I'll be doing great! Az Tex
  12. Howdy, Over in the Airstream forum (I have a Sport 22FB) a Victron or similar battery monitor is highly advised but they look a little tricky to install. I can't even determine for sure where my cables enter and no help on absolute identification before I start clipping wires. My set up as-is is a factory installed 180 watt solar panel and factory Sun Explorer II monitor system. I understand the need is so you don't deplete the batteries (I have two 12v AGM's wired together) too low where they are damaged. While a nice Bluetooth hard wired monitor would be nice is there a way use a multi-meter or another specific device to gauge battery health by going outside and temporarily attaching directly to batteries? Thanks, Az Tex
  13. aztex

    BLM Fees?

    Howdy, I keep stumbling upon conflicting information about BLM boondocking. Seems some have to pay, other not. All have 14 day max but no mention of how far you must vacate to continue your stay. Any go-to sources for the definitive answers on BLM or even other boondocking sites? Thanks, Az Tex
  14. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    Would you buy used? I assume despite many moving parts if they work they work. Like any power tool abuse should/could be indicated by cosmetics. Thanks, Az Tex
  15. aztex

    Best Price on Honda EU2200i?

    I saw those Ebay offerings but I'm "on the road" and not sure where I'll be day to day. Amazon can ship fast to RV park I'm at but now that they charge tax a local in Tucson may be a better option. If a large chain I could get return privileges above warranty if it goes out in a certain time frame. There's a local Sportsmans Warehouse that stocks them but can't think of any other brick and mortar stores that may. Do Honda motorcycle dealers sell them? Thanks, Az Tex