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  1. Thanks for all the advice! Sold it that fast! Went to his bank and had cashier cut the check in front of me. Got bill of sale notarized and buyer witnessed me deposit and pay off loan. Just have to wait for title and done. Now to start working on RV Life chapter 2. I think I'll plan a little better this time! See ya soon! A
  2. Huge factor is owing the bank on it so we have to pay it off and wait for title which doesn't seem to bother the buyer since he'll have bill of sale and trailer.... It is a pretty good deal I'm offering! About ~$1000 lower than I've ever seen one listed PLUS ~$2000 of upgrades and essentials. You can take on a trip right now without adding a thing! All high quality stuff too! I'm also offering to stage it at a local KOA and show them the ropes since they never had one this big. Tear drop campers moving up! If you'd shopped around I can guarantee you wont find a better deal. I just know this is the best time of year to sell and it costs me $500 a month so sitting another 3-6 months starts to add up. Not to mention maintenance and head ache of dealing with buyers.... But I don't want to get ripped off! 😕 A
  3. Yea what a tricky business! Says he'll do cash! Either REAL slick and has a GREAT printer or legit. I suppose cash deal at the bank will be safe. If counterfeit they'll spot it or this guy has brass to walk into the back with $46K in fake bills! Anything else I should be aware of? He's willing to wait 3-5 days to get title so I intended to release the trailer to him on delivery of payment.
  4. Well bank says cashiers check is NOT like cash! Yikes! I requested cash or bank transfer and we'll see if I ever hear back.... Seems like good people... I guess all confidence players do right???? I'll let you know how it shakes out.. Az Tex
  5. Well we're meeting at the bank to complete the deal. Will the bank be able to spot it right away? Says its a cashiers check from a local credit union. He's seen it. Spent an hour going over it....
  6. Howdy, I decided to take a break for the road and take care of business and save up for a larger rig. I put a cursory ad on Craigslist and found a serious buyer right off the bat! Almost too easy! I'm giving a pretty good deal but his lack of questions and just wanting to buy it as-is, no counter offer, is raising red flags. We have an appt. to meet at the bank and he'll pay with a cashier check and I'll pay off the remainder of the loan. I'll get a notarized bill of sale and provide title when I get it. I'll give the trailer and keys when I'm paid. Buyer is fine with this arrangement. Will the bank be able to confirm any payment form is legit right away? Am I proceeding with the properly? I've never sold anything I still owed on.... Anything I should be aware of and what is . abetter approach if mine's flawed? Thanks, Az Tex
  7. How does one find out about such opportunities? I've been snookered on a couple in CA. One in particular looked spectacular and one set of reviews very good. Beautiful lake and trails with sweet new rigs lined up on spacious lots lake side...Spoke to a friend as I was heading out here and he said pretty well run down and lots of drug activity it seemed. Sure enough... RV stacked like cord wood about maybe 8 feet from each other! Pretty well run down... $300 a week... Another I ended up staying at dry camping was equally run down and scary (for FHU) despite glowing reviews... cheap enough to take the sting out of it... So actually these events are weighing on me as much as anything as I feel I can't get an honest review without endless research and some first hand reviews.... I'm even at the point I'd pay the $1000+ for a nice place I could stretch out at and gather my wits.... BTW 1000 Trails in Idyllwild is pretty danged nice! True camp ground in the woods with lots of trees and trails. Very much on the side of a mountain and I'd not consider much more than my 22 footer al though there are are some larger rigs in easier access spaces. First come first serve so you can't choose before hand.. I got lucky finally I guess! Az Tex
  8. Hi, I spoke with the people from Jojoba at Escapade. I got a contact number but can't find it. They said almost impossible to get a space even for a week unless I call THAT number! Dang it! I had all my Escapade stuff.....somewhere... ;/ Az Tex
  9. Thanks! Funny! I have been on the chase for 70° and while it looked promising here in Idyllwild CA it'll be back in the 40's for a day or so and 50's the rest of my stay... if I stay... Well I work. I'm a jeweler and do OK. Production down a little but little more in th bank each week after expenses. But i can't take time to volunteer; it's full time work and I have to fill 10-20 orders a week on top of making that many new pieces. I checked some of the SKP Co-Ops but they seemed to have rather long wait lists. The few I considered anyway.... I need to look closer at some of those.. Thanks! You too Kirk! Az Tex
  10. Howdy, Well 5 months in and I'm starting to grow a little road weary. Part of it is the money! To cut costs I'm taking full advantage on a Thousand Trails membership I was given free when buying new RV. But as "cheap" as it is the 2 weeks in and one week out and having to constantly be planning where next is not as fun as it was. Seems every time I get some direction the destination is plagued with poor to extreme weather. Been looking for a reasonable month long stay but currently in So Cal and quite expensive.... Maybe I'll cheer up soon but it's just not as relaxing as I thought it could be over all. Any advice when having doubts... Thanks, Az Tex!
  11. Excellent! Thanks! Oddly it works but is not seating. Only maybe 1/8" contact. The Pollak I've yet to install sits all the way down in the socket. It seems the Tundra contact are too wide and stiff for the stock Bargman to fully seat into.. I filed them, sprayed electric contact cleaner and tried to widen them but still barely go in... I know, if it aint broke don't fix it so I mostly want to be ready when it needs it or when I have a lot of free times to work it out.. Az Tex
  12. Thanks! I'll keep all signs off the rig for now. Maybe registering as a commercial vehicle has advantages but I'll not consider for now. At least my tax guy knew when he was in over his head! In the 72 hours I had not heard from him he consulted an expert and found a one time special depreciation that put my return in the category I wanted. Since this was for 2018 and I clearly bought the Airstream, renovated for work and attended a craft show where all work was done inside the trailer I think I'm on firm ground. Going forward may be another matter. I'll have to consult an RV tax expert if such exists! How much do I have to work in it? What sort of work must be done to maintain it's business asset qualification. Who knows if I'll continue along this path. I guess I could always even store it for shows only and still be business asset.. It's gonna be hard to find an accountant/tax attorney that specializes in my situation.... Thanks, Az Tex
  13. Yikes! never heard of needing a CDL just because... perhaps you mean commercial plates... Not even sure if it matters for business purposes since no business is done inside. I think I may go with removable since no sense in advertising a jewelry business on the road and stickers fade or leave sun tans.. Thanks, Az Tex
  14. Howdy, Perhaps not the best place to post this so any advice simply where to look for help appreciated! But...Nut shell story.. Well my tax guy BLEW IT! After proclaiming expertise with my RV as a business he has proven clueless and I'm gonna be stuck with a bigger tax bill that anticipated. He's been ignoring my contacts the past 3 days.... Looks like I'll have to estimate tax, pay that, and file extension, and then find a competent tax preparer. That said anyone have some advice which direction I should be looking so I don't just hire another fool? Here's my situation: Paid $20K cash on $57,000 RV (another ~$3000 in payments, interest and equipment during 2018) Removed much of interior to make a jewelers bench shop. Clearly set up for work! Spent 17 days last year at shows using it directly as a jeweler work shop. NO business conducted inside! Canopy with displays all out side. Business signage on RV (although I went too cheap and it's weathered and been removed as I redesign). To complicate I've been full timing as well so dual purpose BUT I work and make jewelry fill orders EVERY DAY directly from the RV. Best the tax guy said when last spoke to was a one time 50% depreciation credit but .... that doesn't make sense to me. It's also a $23,000 business expense.. Seems like it may be nice to spread out the depreciation... but if I sell it... confusing... Thanks for any direction you can provide! Az Tex
  15. Thanks again, I guess the trick is going to be "don't try this on get away day" I'll wait till I'm ensconced for a week or two and have time to work it out. Although I bet I get it first try! Az Tex
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