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  1. BTW... What ever possessed you to "recommend" Banning?! Being 4th pickings were slim so I chose Banning on price. Oh my! What a mistake! That is one run down little town packed full of trouble! EVERY store I tried to go into was fronted by people with their not too friendly hands out! Needed to hit a Harbor Freight and in front was one wacked out dude playing with the automatic door doing some weird dance! Fireworks last night, the 4th of July, started at 5pm and lasted until 2am or at least that's when I finally fell asleep. I'm guessing any CA town has a LOT of these issues. Every one I visited had similar nonsense. I spoke with a homeless guy at a park in Escondido. He seemed ok and learning his story he was a contractor and the bottom fell out this year so he's sleeping the the park! It's taking it's toll and I'm not sure he'll recover... Way too slim a margin of error in these LA, SD Inland Empire communities! But...Ladies and gentlemen....avoid Banning! The KOA is fine but don't plan on doing anything in Banning unless you like that sort of excitement!
  2. I'm sorry... The Temecula KOA is wonderful! A bit family oriented so 100's of kids and large groups but well behaved and a beautiful oak grove with large spaces and strong wi-fi. A remote feel but only 5 miles from all facilities you'd ever need. It has a nice holiday summer camp feel to it! A few different areas that vary from wide open no shade to heavily wooded so it would depend on time of year and desire if you'd like it but I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars! Spaces are very big and theres as big a Class A right across from me with room to spare! The gripe was an "trailer park" in Yucaipa. I almost could have toughed it out but my "friends" the managers constantly complained about the problems to me making it all the worse. I was privy to all the scuttlebutt and problems. I'm not sure why they thought a good idea to complain to me....! #1 on their hit parade was right across from me and tended to stare at my RV all day.... I'm not quite there yet. I could stay where I am at Temecula KOA with no power but a bit warm and I have yet to install Easy Start on AC so would have to address that. If the weather was milder I'd give it a shot. I have a 2200 watt generator and 140w Zamp panels. Since I have to drive to a PO to ship items almost daily I wouldn't want to leave my rig unattended which also complicates things... I'll work it out.... It's just being forced on me now. I have plans for the fall but again the desert heat preventing me from moving too soon. Thanks!
  3. The mix up was my "friends" describing it as an RV resort but it's a ratty old trailer park that's been there for decades. It has ~20 RV spots mixed in. I thought I "knew" my friends and they understood my desires but they seem a bit addled to be kind. The management had changed and the consensus was the old managers were VERY poor so ALL the complaints were against them not the park. I can't imagine how bad they could be for their behavior to over shadow the glaring issues I encountered! So reviews were meaningless. Temecula is not bad. The KOA is quite nice albeit expensive. Even though full of kids playing it quiets down by 10pm and kinds having fun in the woods doesn't bother me in the least. MUCH nicer than Hemet or Banning! It's like actual camping and I'd stay but heavily booked though July. I'll try your suggestions... Thanks!
  4. I prefer to count....there's no way I want to invite the HB song ear worm into my head!
  5. I wear one when in public near others. I make jewelry and HAVE to wear protection. I have suffered NO ill effects from prolonged periods of use. It's pretty simple! I use a balaclava. I have one that is fleece with microfiber. If I triple it , it transmits no light and my exhalation stream is reduced drastically. Avoid crowded confined places. Stay away from other as much as possible, wash your hands... HEY! I do that anyways! Now I just do it with a fashionable camo balaclava that makes me look Spec Ops!
  6. Thanks! I'll explain again I did due diligence. The park I was moving to had poor reviews ALL based on previous manager so none about the environs. My "friends" assured me a peaceful park like atmosphere which it was almost comically NOT even close! I had signed a month to month lease and expected to be there through November with side trips. I arranged two more in as soon as I had had enough and both fell well short of descriptions. I used Yelp! for reviews and now obvious the management company salts theses with 5 stars... 4th of July weekend in SoCal is the issue. Hostile to ONP and full up expensive or closed parks.... I think I can weather the weekend at the KOA I'm at but was looking to head out of or to northern CA IF I can determine some/more than one options. I don't want to be driving in 1000 mile loops! Money sort of an issue but I'm resigned the fact and can afford ~$1500 mo if pressed due to current conditions.... A
  7. Thinks so? I spoke with managers and was clear on what I wanted. Was told it's amazing I'll love it! No problems When I arrive... First night in someone OD's on heroin Numerous very old ratty trailers. Like 1950's models... Told not to leave items out as there is a lot of theft. Managers constantly complain about ONE tenant...the one next to me! Wife beaters and child molesters for neighbors Homeless sleeping in RV park Homeless unhinged encountered every walk out side park Fireworks M-80's every night. The ones today had the same vibe coupled with VERY small narrow spaces...no "yards". Maybe 6 foot from your front door to other RV... I've been out before and encountered many nice places. Mostly in the desert so out of the question for summer time. Not taking it personally at all! I was told by three parks they had great situations and when I explained what I wanted said they had it and simply did not! I drove 200 miles today in a circle basically....I really don't want to spend the $$$ on the word of the manager they have a great place and searching for an opportunity to find some/anything better than run down parks.
  8. Hi, Well I find myself in Temecula CA at a KOA. I came to CA to get out of AZ heat and start a full time adventure. THREE places I checked out were outrageously misrepresented! I can't believe how I'm constantly told they places are great and I even explain my desires and it's as-if they think I wont notice?! I'm at the point now I'll spend $1000+ on a decent monthly but not finding anything nearby. Covid and 4th of July making it more challenging.. Any suggestions where to head to find nice open RV parks? I'm still adapting my business to the road so need to be near at least a post office to ship every other day from. I was thinking up into Utah may be my best bet but that's only because I'm familiar with the area a little bit. Up into northern CA Oregon another option... Any advice appreciated!
  9. I'm still working so more about nice quiet and safe... and not too expensive!
  10. Thanks all! I guess the trick is visiting or having visited many places and finding one that suit you. That could be a long process! My luck has not been the best so far.....but still a beginner! Thanks!
  11. Hi, So far I've only been able to scratch the surface and get answers like "more expensive or cheaper". Th factors I'm considering are 1. Tow vehicle registration. 2. Trailer registration. 3. Insurance for both. 4. State income tax. I've determined that Texas is good for 1, 2 and 4 but insurance can be high. I wonder if high enough to make other states appealing. I'm still working and enjoy what I do with no intention of retiring ever... Is there some sport of data base that uses late model years to help figure the numbers? I know year, make and model would effect registration so just ballpark analysis. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I sometimes imagine full timing as being on the road full time; never the same place day to day. That would probably be hard to maintain. I'm really so new at this having stumbled around for 6 months lats year learning some of the ropes. I feel more firmly committed and prepared now. An ideal situation I could imagine is to have a few 2-3+ month stays lined up each year and explore in between. So far that has proven difficult! Seems like you'd have to spend a lot of time checking out places before settling on a few and then being able to vacancy wise... With Covid I opted to move to a friends RV park they manage. They assured me "it's great" but every time I speak with them they complain about one tenant...which is the one they planted me next to! And I concur wit their complaints! So this was a big expensive boondoggle where I expected to be for 3-4 months with local trips into a 3 week stay; on edge almost constantly. Other issues too numerous to mention... So I'm opting for the road instead of planted misery..... A couple short terms lined up but mostly floating and that seems to put a damper on attitudes sometimes. Any advice or consoling words.... Thanks!
  13. Right! BUT the state you bring it to WILL charge sales tax on top of registration when you bring it there! Usually only state sales tax. Certain cities and counties can exorbitant; can vary from less than 6% to over 10%. So research this as this also varies.
  14. Hi, I have 2 brand new Deka AGM 79Ah batteries installed in my trailer. The trailer has been store 2.5 months. First month I had been able to get out weekly and leave on a solar panel for a few hours and get 99% charge. In between I unplugged negative cable. Batteries was turned off inside trailer too. 3 weeks ago I brought both home and charged them with a high quality CTEK charger. Both connected I'd charge to 100% leave on trickle for a few days, un plug and monitor voltage daily. When down to 12.4v I'd recharge. This would take 3-4 days. Left the pair on charger the past 4 days and then installed in trailer to turn on fridge (using propane). I went back 4 hours later to confirm fridge cooling down and checked the batteries. Trailer battery volt meter said 11.8 volts! Multimeter 12.4v..... Should a battery set deplete 25% (charts say 12.4v is 75% capacity) in 4 hours? I confirmed the fridge is on propane and that should hardly use any battery power.... I'l know more tomorrow but am leaving town and if the hint of an issue I want to get to the dealer Monday before heading out. Anything about this raise serious concerns? Thanks!
  15. Or as I said before an i thought more places may be leaning towards they use the covers for solar panels. May even be a third party providing it to harvest photons and KOA gets the shade! I was in Yuma and Apache Junction last spring and watched those places empty out in late April as temps ramped up. A covered park like KOA Tucson I was able to handle 100° mid June with no issues!
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