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  1. We bought that model a short time ago. Where we are currently parked, the water is very hard. It's simple and seems to work well. Some of our appliances were getting constant sediment buildups even with our filter, not since adding the softener. I'm pleased with it and the DW is very happy with it, so that means all is well.
  2. There's so much weight on the nose of these Volvo's that taking some off isn't going to hurt much but as mentioned above 9k should be plenty safe.
  3. We're full timing, just looking at different domicle possibilities. DW loves Fl, kids and grands close by and we're looking at the health insurance stuff, we're not old enough for medicare for several more years...... can't wait to get out of Oregon.
  4. Okay, Florida doesn't like HDTs with 5th wheel hitches licensed as motorhomes. I'm already licensed as a MH in Oregon, what if I put the gooseneck adapter on my comfortride hitch and the Anderson adapter on my 5er? Thoughts?
  5. At least it slows down those big ass Paisley mosquitoes.
  6. Well sounds like I need to get to work on the needlenose,6nz project a little harder, that thing should refine it's own fuel..... but if I could get just a little more MPG's out of the Volvo, my DW would be all over it..... she's a frugal accountant. And I agree $500 to hook up a computer is robbery....... I'll get it done cheaper.
  7. The company that bent the rails for me build Road Runner Hay Squeezes, and the guy that helped with the addition to the frame has stretched numerous trucks for logging...... I sure hope I never treat my Volvo as bad as either of those things get treated. That being said, I tried finding used truck frame to match up but none of the wrecking yards had any, they said that trucks with usable frames were getting rebuilt and sold in Mexico.
  8. My 2008 D13 is set at 435 HP, for $500 the dealer will raise it to 485..... will this hurt or help fuel economy? I know my Dodge Cummins gets better mileage when I turn it up to 420 HP than it does at 320 HP. A little harder on back tires maybe but more fun to drive.
  9. I had a manufacturing shop bend mine for me.
  10. We're getting ready to head out on our maiden voyage, around 7000 miles..... go big or go home. Our trip will take us from Klamath Falls, OR. to Phoenix AZ where we will pick up our 10 yr old grandson. From there we are either headed to Jacksonville FL. to see the granddaughter or to Warrenton VA. to drop off the grandson at his home, then back to Oregon. I have a question about our route from Oregon to Phoenix. Which way would you suggest, I-5, 395 or 95...or other suggestions?
  11. I'm in Oregon, requirements for a motorhome are sleeping and cooking facilities. The Klamath Falls DMV was a PITA. I explained to them that it had a microwave in the sleeper, but they said that a microwave is "only good for reheating things" so I needed a cooktop. This was after I had called Salem and asked them......they said a microwave was fine. The lady....maybe #11.....said that she had already been thru this, I asked her to call Salem, she did, came back very unhappy I might add, she then handed me an affidavit to fill out and said "we are not law enforcement, if you want to call it a motorhome go ahead but you can explain it to the state police when you get pulled over and you will be subject to commercial carrier rules which means you will be required to stop at scales & maintain a logbook and that Salem could still reject my title request. I filled out the affidavit knowing full well that the commercial carrier rules say NO MOTORHOMES. My title calls my Volvo 670 a 27 ft motorhome........so neener neener # eleven.
  12. LOL......anti-social skills. They do come in handy, DW is not always impressed when I practice with her in the vehicle though..... gotta keep those skills crisp. I've got many years experience racing around in circles, down dragstrips and maybe a few tickets in my youth for drag racing on non approved tracks. Glad you made it home safe.
  13. Hmm.....that's a very good idea.
  14. Well then maybe I should just stick to my Comfort Hitch plan, my 5er already has a MORryde pin box........it's a tractor, I'll get over or around the hitch. I load & unload it from the equipment trailer with just two ramps now (makes DW a bit nervous) so this should just be a minor problem.
  15. It looks like DW & I are set to join the class of 2018 around July, ranch is sold except for the final details. We will still be working but living in our new home on wheels (2018 Keystone Montana & 2008 Volvo VNL 670).....at least until we can figure out an affordable healthcare plan of some kind. I've been living in snow country for all my life and I'm ready for sunny & 72........the downsizing has began.
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