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    Promoting cancer awareness, talking with survivors. Being a long term survivor puts me in a position to deliver hope.

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  1. Purple Tractor

    Wording on the title

    I'm in Oregon, requirements for a motorhome are sleeping and cooking facilities. The Klamath Falls DMV was a PITA. I explained to them that it had a microwave in the sleeper, but they said that a microwave is "only good for reheating things" so I needed a cooktop. This was after I had called Salem and asked them......they said a microwave was fine. The lady....maybe #11.....said that she had already been thru this, I asked her to call Salem, she did, came back very unhappy I might add, she then handed me an affidavit to fill out and said "we are not law enforcement, if you want to call it a motorhome go ahead but you can explain it to the state police when you get pulled over and you will be subject to commercial carrier rules which means you will be required to stop at scales & maintain a logbook and that Salem could still reject my title request. I filled out the affidavit knowing full well that the commercial carrier rules say NO MOTORHOMES. My title calls my Volvo 670 a 27 ft motorhome........so neener neener # eleven.
  2. LOL......anti-social skills. They do come in handy, DW is not always impressed when I practice with her in the vehicle though..... gotta keep those skills crisp. I've got many years experience racing around in circles, down dragstrips and maybe a few tickets in my youth for drag racing on non approved tracks. Glad you made it home safe.
  3. Purple Tractor

    Goose box?

    Hmm.....that's a very good idea.
  4. Purple Tractor

    Goose box?

    Well then maybe I should just stick to my Comfort Hitch plan, my 5er already has a MORryde pin box........it's a tractor, I'll get over or around the hitch. I load & unload it from the equipment trailer with just two ramps now (makes DW a bit nervous) so this should just be a minor problem.
  5. Purple Tractor

    Class of 2018

    It looks like DW & I are set to join the class of 2018 around July, ranch is sold except for the final details. We will still be working but living in our new home on wheels (2018 Keystone Montana & 2008 Volvo VNL 670).....at least until we can figure out an affordable healthcare plan of some kind. I've been living in snow country for all my life and I'm ready for sunny & 72........the downsizing has began.
  6. Purple Tractor

    Goose box?

    That is one downside to the gooseneck ......but with a hitch camera & DW it won't be bad, I'm retired from farming so I'm used to hitching. One good side is that I won't have to hit the trailer to latch it, just drop the airbags, back under, air up.
  7. Purple Tractor

    Goose box?

    The Goose Box is an air ride pin box approved by Lippert, so the warranty is okay. The tractor is 84" wide so I don't have a lot of extra room, I do have a wide front that I could install, just trying to keep the old school look......the same reason that I haven't put an electric starter on it yet.
  8. Purple Tractor

    Goose box?

    Has anyone tried the Goose Box pin box from Reese on their 5er & HDT? I really would like to use a gooseneck hitch since it looks like the best way to load & unload the Purple Tractor is off the rear of the truck and it being a tricycle style tractor.
  9. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    Gubermint regulations.......arrg!
  10. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    Maybe I'll go in close to closing time, they may not want to spend much time inspecting it then.
  11. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    I may have to drive to Bend. I have looked at those.....a very good possibility.
  12. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    LOL, as a retired farmer I've cooked many meals on an exhaust manifold.
  13. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    Problem is that the rule seems to be subjective depending on who & if they inspect it.
  14. Purple Tractor

    Permanent cooking facilities? Oregon....

    I just stopped by the DMV to get the forms to license the truck as a motorhome. They told me I had to bring the truck, which I already knew, it had to have sleeping & permanent cooking facilities then told me a microwave does not count. What do I need to install?
  15. Purple Tractor

    Off the deep end pic

    Right now the plan is to dovetail & load from the back, use a winch to pull it on backward. Currently I haul it on a 28" high equipment trailer with 2 ramps......loading & unloading at an angle....... it makes DW nervous to watch.