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  1. DieselHP

    Road side assistance company

    I used it for towing my Frieghtliner through my truck insurance Progressive. It cost me $50.00 for a heavy duty wrecker to tow me 35 miles. The charge was only because I towed to my house and not the closest truck shop. So check with your insurance company.
  2. DieselHP

    Set of Rotochok

    SOLD! Thank you
  3. DieselHP

    Set of Rotochok

    Thanks! The tire spacing on the new unit is much larger then the old. They were the only ones that would fit such a small gap. Could I modified them? I'm sure I could but just didn't bother too.
  4. DieselHP

    Set of Rotochok

    I love them but they do not fit our new 5th wheel and disappointed the company is out of business or I would be buying a pair.
  5. DieselHP

    Set of Rotochok

    I have a set of ROTOCHOCK's I no longer need. $65.00 shipped USPS
  6. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    Update: i went to the dealer and inspected the unit after they took off the damaged mounding. I could see no damage to the cap or the side wall. I also did a complete inspection of the unit while I was there and came up with a small list of adjustments needed. I am told all will be ready for pickup of the unit this Saturday. So as long as the adjustments are made and more importantly if the molding is sealed to my liking and I receive the email from the manufacturer stating what they told me over the phone that they will stand behind the unit if we have any problems from this we will be picking up the unit. After I got past the salesman and dealt with the owner and service manager things went very smooth. I’ll probably have them throw in a new USA map for the DW and a max vent cover and I’ll be good with that.
  7. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    No we did not
  8. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    True but that is not the case.
  9. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    Call came last night and the parts are in so I am going to watch them take the molding and metal strip off to see if there is damage behind it My thought is if there is no damage to the front cap or fiberglass I will wait to see how nice the repair is made. If the job is not done to my liking I will walk away. That’s not a big deal. I gave them $1000 on a credit card so if they do not refund it one phone call and that is done. I hope that’s not the way this goes but it is what it is. If I do take it my thought is some money off and another year of warranty. Thaks for the input Rick
  10. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    I made no changes I ordered it with the way I wanted it. I understand things may be adjusted or hooked up correctly but someone hit it. Dont know if it was the dealer driver who drove it to the dealer or it was done at the manufacturer point is it was hit not let a screw out.
  11. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    I like that! I will use that Thabks
  12. DieselHP

    New 5th wheel, what would you do?

    I agree with you on the "diminished value". and that's my problem with us buying this coach. I'm guesstimating list price on parts and labor is in the $2000 range if you figure list price on parts like most body shops write. I think based on the 10% you are saying for $200 off it would be like getting nothing off. Stock units are out because I had somethings done that was out of the norm for them to do.
  13. I do not know yet what I am going to do but would like everyone's thought on what they would do. We ordered a new 5th wheel (brand does not matter) The dealer call and told us it is in. Great! lets take a ride and take a look at it. So we did and is just what we wanted. As we were walking around the unit we see a large scratch in the decal on the nose cone and the molding where the cap meets the sidewall broken. I went up and looked at it and I can also see the metal behind the molding bent. Also I do not see any damage behind the metal but I will not know until it is removed. I did speak to the manufacturer and they said the dealer can fix it and they will ship him the parts. they also informed me they will note this on the record of the unit and if anything happens they will stand behind it. That is all well and good BUT! We ordered a new unit and agreed on a price for the new unit and I am having a problem in my head buying and paying for a new unit when I am getting a scratch and dent. I would not prefer to walk away from something we have been working on for a year but it is not a real big deal if we do and just order another one next winter. I wouldn't order one now just because by time we get it the camping season would just about be over. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  14. DieselHP

    Electrical problems

    Dose the truck have an alarm system? if so a cutout could have been activated. Also the 3126 has a built in battery inside the ECM. The only way to my knowledge to check it is plug into the truck and see in the engine info comes up. But that usually would give you a crank/no start.