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  1. Electrical problems

    Dose the truck have an alarm system? if so a cutout could have been activated. Also the 3126 has a built in battery inside the ECM. The only way to my knowledge to check it is plug into the truck and see in the engine info comes up. But that usually would give you a crank/no start.
  2. Located in NJ Original owner $10,000 or best offer. Bedroom and living room slides Sleeps 8 comfortably 4 bunks in the rear Thermo pain windows Larger water heater Tank heaters Black tank flush 21 foot awning Convection microwave Tires and brakes have less then 2,000 miles on them. Both propane tanks replaced last year Removed the couch/sofa bed last year and was replaced with recliner love seat Installed heater fireplace Flat screen TV in living and master bedroom Central vacuum Outside shower Large pass through basement Battery is two years old. What’s wrong with the RV? Some decals are faded One lock on a small rear basement door is frozen and needs to be lubed or replaced. Can gain access from the inside. Radio/dvd player does not work. One slide topper has been removed and can be replaced if wanted but will need a new fabric. The fabric on the other topper also needs to be replaced. More pictures are available Thank you Rick
  3. Storage space on a MDT ?

    Take a look at www.buyersproducts.com They have all kinds of truck storage boxes. Maybe something low to mount to the bed.
  4. Storage space on a MDT ?

    It all depends on what body you have on the back of your truck. Google "truck backpack toolbox" It sits on the rails behind the cab
  5. 07 SportChassis Axle Seal

    A seal should be around $40 and labor should be about 2 1/2 hours depending if you have air or hydraulic brakes and how muck oil is on the brakes.
  6. Insurance for F450?

    Give this place a call. They did my MDT for a lot less but they had to also do my 5th wheel. http://www.fcisinsurance.com/insurance-types/
  7. Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    I would give them a call Monday just to make sure. I think the site said the same when I tried. Cant hurt to call Maybe mention deflate gate was true ?
  8. Insuring a Sportchassis in Massachusetts

    Give this place a call. They could do it here in NJ as long as they did my 5th wheel also. There pricing was so good I gave them my boat insurance also. http://www.fcisinsurance.com/insurance-types/
  9. Starting to look for a new 5th wheel Help!

    I'm sure someone will in the next two years. I spoke to cedar creek and they told me they might have one in a 2018 model
  10. Air Spring/bag replacement

    That is how all trucks leave the factory. Cab and chassis except in some cases a school bus will leave complete. Think of the air bags as a basketball. The more air pressure in it the harder it will bounce. Think about it your rear axle is made for 15,000 and your putting 1,500 to 3,000 pounds on it. I don't know your pin weight but it's nothing compared to want it's made for. If you had a bounce to your ride I would say you need shocks if it's stiff the bags are too tight. You have to adjust because you have no weight to speak of on the truck
  11. Air Spring/bag replacement

    Sorry this does not lay out here well but you should be able to see it. Any questions let me know If you look below down by 13 the truck has a 15,500 lb rear axle and look by 03 and you will see the air suspension is rated for 17,500 lbs. Line Set Ticket VIN Number 1HTSLAAK7VH482547 Model 4700 LO-PRO4X2 Build Date 1/31/1997 Eng Srl Number 001032185 Model Code SH47540 Order Qty 2 Dealer Number 676601 Order Number/Suffix 277649B Starting Job Number 482547 Sold To ELLIS AND CAPP EQUIPME Sales Region Paint Code 9219 GVWR 18280 Ignition Key K483 Wheel Base 188.0 in / 477.5 cm AF Dimension 75.0 in / 190.5 cm Gear Ratio 3.91 Recall Pending No Grp Unit Div Variation SE Description Cost Code 01 0001951 2007 SE FRAME PRCNG S-SERIES Yes 01 0001AHK 2001 CDGH FRAME 9.125X3.062X.312 (80,000 PSI) 01 0001LLT 2000 BE BUMPER-FULL WIDTH-CHROME PLTD ALUM-AERO 02 0002ADA 2001 C INTERNATIONAL I-60S 6,000# FRONT AXLE 03 0003SAM 2016 ACZ INTL 17500# AIR SUSPENSION 04 0004040 2090 ACLW SE BOSCH HYDRO-MAX II SPLIT BRAKE SYSTEM 04 0004144 2004 15X1.435 FRT DISC HYDRAULIC BRAKE 04 0004237 2002 15X1.435 REAR DISC HYDRAULIC BRAKES 04 0004GAB 2003 D 12X4 DCM PARKING BRAKE 04 0004RBE 2017 ACEM SE 13.2 CFM AIR COMPRESSOR-BENDIX-550 05 0005710 2042 AFK SE STEERING COLUMN W/TILTING & TELESCOPING 05 0005PRG 2115 DFJVW TAS-40 ROSS POWER STEERING 06 0006721 2193 ONE PROP CTR BRG BRKT 07 0007AAY 2098 FG SGL EXH SYS(HORZ MFLR/TP)-SHORT TP(RSM) 08 0008000 0110 BCGHJLQSUZ ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (12 VOLT) 08 0008518 2007 CIGAR LIGHTER 08 0008544 2010 B DUAL AIR HORNS (GROVER) CHROME 08 0008585 2011 AB TOGGLE SW/WIRING-CUSTMR MTD DR/FOG LGHT 08 0008GBN 2013 B 12V 90AMP DELCO CS-130 ALTERNATOR 08 0008MED 2068 AF SE BATTERY(2-FLTRITE)MAINT-FREE 12V 1100CC 08 0008RAK 2010 CB RADIO ACCOM PACKAGE 08 0008RAU 2006 ADF ELEC TUNED AM/FM/CASS/CLOCK RADIO 08 0008RBK 2003 DUAL CB ANTENNAS 08 0008WAU 2001 AF WINDSHIELD WIPER SWITCH (INTERMITTENT) 08 0008WCB 2003 WARNING LIGHT/BUZZER-ENG OIL PR/WTR TEM 08 0008WCG 2000 RADIO NOISE SUPPRESSION FILTER Yes 08 0008WML 2000 HEADLIGHTS (2) LONG LIFE HALOGEN Yes 09 0009107 2177 BDFMSUX HOOD ASM, TILT 10 0010000 2002 BT SPEEDO & MISC 10 0010210 2000 EMISSION LABEL (FUEL ECONOMY / NOISE) 10 0010761 2000 PAINT BASE COAT/CLEAR COAT 1-2 TONE Yes 10 0040010 0001 MEDIUM DUTY STD WARRANTY Yes 11 0011001 2000 OMIT CLUTCH & CONTROLS Yes 12 0012959 2007 ENG BLOCK HEATER (PHILLIPS)120V-1250W 12 0012NHD 2061 BELMNVX DT 466E HEUI INT DSL 230HP/2300RPM 12 0012TSJ 2016 A FAN DRIVE(SCHWITZER DD-30)VISCOUS 12 0012UGM 2001 ELECTRONIC ROAD SPEED GOVERNOR Yes 12 0012UGN 2006 BD THROTTLE CONTROL ELECTRONIC 12 0012USC 2026 BDFGL 381 SQIN RADIATOR & 304 SQIN AIR COOLER 12 0012VVN 2006 ELECTRONIC CRUISE CONTROL Yes 13 0013ABB 2105 ADFNQUWZ SE MD-3060/CR ALLISON 5-SPD AUTOMATIC TRAN 13 0013WBL 2000 ALLISON PUSH-BUTTON SHIFT CONTROL Yes 13 0013WTA 2000 ALLISON SPARE INPUT/OUTPUT Yes 14 0014ADP 2014 DTV INTERNATIONAL S150S 15500# REAR AXLE 15 0015SAC 2106 CEGJ SGL 50G FL TK W/STEP(RSM)(STL-RECT)U/CA 16 0016000 2373 BFHPT TRANS COVER, FLOOR MATS, SEALS 16 0016196 2076 ADFHNS CREW CAB 16 0016400 2001 OMIT PASSENGER SEAT Yes 16 0016660 2000 TINTED GLASS, ALL WINDOWS Yes 16 0016CCB 2000 COLOR - PEARL GRAY Yes 16 0016GAU 2000 SE DUAL RETRACTABLE MIRRORS 16 0016HAB 2003 A ENGLISH GA CLUSTER W/ENGLISH SPEEDO/TAC 16 0016JAD 2001 BCN FRONT BENCH SEAT VINYL W/VINYL 16 0016PZR 2000 BC REAR BENCH SEAT - VINYL W/VINYL 16 0016WAK 2002 POWER WINDOWS (LT&RT DOORS) Yes 16 0016WKB 2152 AEGNRS HTR&A/C (INTERNATIONAL BLEND-AIR) 16 0016WMJ 2001 SE DUAL CONVEX SS 8" MIRRORS 16 0016WSD 2004 CEKMQSTW INTERIOR TRIM PREMIUM - CREW CAB 16 0016ZAA 2015 A SE CAB ACCESS PKG (DRIVER/PASS SIDES) 17 0027DNA 2000 AD DISC FRT WHLS(19.5"PT-STL 8S)6.75DC RIMS 17 0028DNA 2000 AB DISC RR WHL(19.5"PT-STL 8S) 6.75DC RIM 17 0029580 2000 INTERNATIONAL WHEEL SEALS (FRONT) Yes Explanation of Prop Shaft Locations 259DTA1402 *PROP SHAFT 1 259DTL1590 PROP SHAFT 1 UNISTEEL G133 AOTNMT01 TBLS N/M MT ASM 6 7309020179 *8R19.5-12PR 6 Prop Shaft Information
  12. Air Spring/bag replacement

    Yes you can set the ride height at a lower pressure. You would have to install a regulator on the feed line to the valve. As far as the Navistar dealer giving you another part number I don't think that will ever happen. All "big trucks" are built to spec that is why when you need parts for it we need your vin number, Every truck can be different, all depends on what the customer wants. If your truck has a hard ride chances are the air pressure is to high in the bags and could be due to the rear suspension spec. If you want to give me the last 8 of your vin number I can look it up and let you know how it's built. Rick
  13. Air Spring/bag replacement

    Before you do anything try lowering the pressure in the bags.
  14. Starting to look for a new 5th wheel Help!

    Yes not interested in a $200,000 RV Replacement truck is in the works, going with MDT Might have to give up on the outdoor kitchen Still have some time to see what comes out for 2018 and 2019