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  1. Back in 2016 when I changed domicile from Ohio to Florida I only had to have the VIN forms signed by the police. Call your local police and explain the forms to them. I flew to Florida, walked in to the Bushnell DMV and walked out with plates for ALL your vehicles. While your there walk across the street to the courthouse and file the domicile form.
  2. Anybody have any workamping experience here? Thanks Gary
  3. Resetting the clock might work to avoid lawfully becoming a resident but from day 1 to day 119 they want to charge you 50 dollars a month per vehicle for being a temporary worker. Thanks to all who participated in the discussion. Gary
  4. Kirk, On the DMV.org website says that after 120 days you are by law a resident. It also refers to Temporary workers employed less than 120 days having to purchase temporary registrations. Trey, The articles you posted were part of what got me to submit the question. Thanks Gary
  5. Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this? Looking at workamping for the summer but have read that they are enforcing the 120 day rule. Gary
  6. heritage60

    Roof material

    I just coated my TPO roof with Henrys Tropicool 887, very pleased so far. 100% silicone ,rain ready in about 30 minutes. Gary
  7. ATT website has a disclaimer under the connected car unlimited plan that states you must have a new or existing wireless account. I could not get the website to allow me to purchase the Mobley without purchasing a new wireless aƧcount. Any specific info on how to purchase would be appreciated. Thanks Gary
  8. Following this thread it seems some were able to get the Mobley and 20.00 unlimited data WITHOUT having an existing ATT account. I have not been able to get to anyone at ATT or local stores that will sell me the Mobley and 20.00 plan WITHOUT an existing account. Gary
  9. heritage60


    Are you using stock gauges for your monitoring your temps? I have a 2003 with the 6.0.I monitor my temps with a Edge insight CS2.
  10. heritage60


  11. The 89% Trimetric reading is available battery amp hours. Gary
  12. heritage60

    MaximumSignal Update?

    So how can you tell if you have a mis labeled one?
  13. heritage60

    MaximumSignal Update?

    I would still like to hear Jack Mayers review before I pull the trigger. Gary
  14. heritage60

    Sold - RV Hauler For Sale. Sold

    I sent you a PM,still waiting on info and pics. Gary