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  1. We will appreciate some additional pictures and your location would be of great help in encouraging further interest in this fine tow car. Also, We see no "purchase sheet" as you refer to in your posting, nor additional important info such as present mileage etc.
  2. Some pictures of your fine auto would be most helpful to us all here as well as some details describing the same .
  3. Not sure why it is considered "Off Topic" since it was opened up here to discuss HF tools...(maybe because this is a Heavy Truck) section?..... but I must, chime in here. As an old fellow that was in trucks and busses most of my life and had many tools back in the day that I depended on, (some of which busted many a finger and hand or came loose within inches of precious body parts ie; eyeballs, ears, noses etc).... This seems to me to be a legitimate and MOST important discussion that I hope will continue to get input so that we might all receive some very useful comments in regards to the tools that we must all use and be able to depend on when we are working on our heavy trucks, busses, and other equipment as we use them daily for our rolling homes as they are..... Thank you for starting this discussion and for all the fine comments both good and otherwise in regards to the specifics of HF tools and comparative choices in tools we need. I have learned much here, and continue to, even in my late years. Yay! Carry on......
  4. You will find one for that price, just... not a nice one..... unless someone wants to simply give one away. Best of luck 😁
  5. Gosh, The prospect of purchasing this trailer seems quite difficult. If poor health is the reason you are unable to entertain a serious buyer, is there anything any of us might be able to do, to assist you in showing/selling this rig again?
  6. Joezilla, If you have no interest in the property, what is the benefit to all, in the wording of your opinion?
  7. Will it be possible to have an idea of the $ cost if one is interested in your lovely place for purchase consideration?
  8. Hi, Not to offend, For the sake of accuracy in the description of your very nice LD, Your Chassis is an E-450 One Ton and the Engine would be the V-10 Ford Triton
  9. Gooday to you! If you take a look on your "RV Manufacturer ID Plate", it should give you the rating for the TOWABLE weight allowed, and I am going to risk assuming, that you will find it to be close to 5000 lbs allowed +/-.... My gut tells me to suggest then, that you keep your MDX (it a fine little vehicle as it stands),1) you are familiar with it, 2) you have maintained it properly, and 3) you LOVE it! We had a Chinook RV in past years and it had the same fine V-10 Triton engine & transmission and it is more than capable of hauling that little Acura behind your RV. My measly 2 pennies offered.....The HappyHobo
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