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  1. But in another matter, President Trumps' proposed budget will eliminate benefits for some quarter million disabled veterans in order that other veterans can have access to choice. Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul! The rationale that another non veteran (Shulkin) uses is so senseless it's almost laughable if it weren't so damaging to the veterans who rely on their disability checks to make ends meet.
  2. Does anybody who has or had a Class C motorhome ever permanently mount levels in ascertaining best level of a campsite? Where did you mount them on the cab chassis where you could visually make adjustments on the to speak? I realize there are those of you who feel "close enough" is adequate, but I would appreciate hearing from those folks who might be so inclined ,as we are ,to get close to true level for reasons besides refrigerator operation. Thank You
  3. GPS

    Anyone recommend a travel worthy GPS we might obtain? Our rig isn`t large but we HATE surprises! Thanks 12 View 24J 12 Honda CRV