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  1. There are some good thoughts on here for sure. We would also consider a shorter 3 row vehicle, not just the Suburban ('cause it is honkin' huge). My wife's largest concern is that lately she doesn't seem to be able to drive farther than about an hour without starting to want to nod off. I don't want to triple tow, because that's very illegal in some states behind a fifth wheel. Much more noticeable than being a few feet over the limit Here's a question that might help me plan a little better: how much space at the end of the frame do I need to plan on leaving for
  2. Hey folks, been lurking here for a while. I have my Class A, but it's not what I do for work anymore. I mostly dealt in local dirt work. We're looking at probably buying a fifth wheel between 38-45' (three kids, Labrador and a cat plus us two). I plan to convert the sleeper on the truck to an office, so I can actually have a quiet place to conduct business. I love cabovers, but it doesn't seem like most are quite big enough, cab-wise. Anyway, the meat of it all is this: I know most states technically limit RV's to 65', but are any of you folks longer? Have you ever been measured? I
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