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  1. Great idea! Any suggestions on panel manufacturer or specifications?
  2. Hello all! Family just bought a 35' bumper pull that I am pulling with a 1 ton GMC. It is wired for 50amp but only has 1AC right now. I bought a 4000 watt Champion inverter type generator thinking that will be plenty to run what I need to run when boondocking without that second AC unit. Am I wrong? Also, any tips on easy to access spots? I should mention that I live in NW Phoenix and typical trips will be 5 days with drive time. I just dont want to be the guy that bought a trailer and it sits in storage all year long and only gets used twice. Our goal is 6+ per year to use it including building up to a cross country trip. Thank you all very much!
  3. Great suggestions, thank you. I can run my AC with my generator no problem. I bought a 4000 watt Champion inverter type. My RV is wired for 50amp but only has 1 AC unit with a place for me to add a second later down the road if I want. My hunt trip in northern AZ last month was terribly cold...like lows in the low 20's at night. I discovered that running my heater at 68 a tank of propane only lasts about a day and a half! Luckily I have the two tanks on the trailer and I brought two more with me.
  4. I am a FF so one day off gets me 5. That will be our typical trip length except for a couple "big" ones per year. Thinking a couple of weeks for those. We have not done any Grand Canyon with the trailer, but I have hiked up there before. I have a Champion 4000 watt inverter genny. Researched a ton and I think I have all the connections, adapters, surge protectors, etc... a man can buy! LOL I agree with you on Cali, but I got roped into it. Excited to explore! Living in the desert sucks, I am from Michigan. My whole family hates the heat so all of our May - September trips will be up and away from the heat. What would be a good June trip from NW Phoenix to beat the heat? Thinking about 8 days total with drive time.
  5. We are headed to Silver Strand state park in California. A buddy from work talked me into spring breaking with his family. Leaving from NW Phoenix.
  6. Hello All! I new to the forum but am hoping to get some good suggestions. We (wife, 2 girls, and a dog) just bought a 35 bumper pull trailer. I have used it once in Northern AZ back in December, we have a CA trip planned in March, and a trip down to Kartchner Caverns in April. Looking for suggested places to head and check out. We have not boondocked yet but have a generator so am open to that. Eventually we want to work up to long trips of a few weeks. Just dont want to be those people that buy a trailer and use it twice per year. Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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