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  1. Yes you can tie down an electric awning without support poles but it is not good for the awning. Its put a tremendous pressure on the arms. especially if you are in a breezy/windy area and want to keep your awning out. the wind is constantly pushing it up and down. With the support poles that pressure both up and down is regulated to the poles and ratchet straps. I should have mine set up in a few days and will post pictures.
  2. Many of us who stay in one place for months on end like to keep our awnings down and create rooms under them. rolling them in and out constantly is a big pain. With the support poles we can tie our awning down with ratchet straps just like the manual awnings can be. then we can put our shade screen up and leave our awning out except when severe storms are forecasted. wind sensors can be shut off.
  3. I picked up this awesome set of support poles for my electric awning at a small shop in Donna Tx. They are made from extending aluminum poles and have a saddle on top that cradles the roller tube. They fully extend out to almost 12 ft and contract down to about 55" and weight about 8lbs. So far I love them. would they handle extreme winds fully extended, probably not but that wouldn't be smart to leave them out then anyway. I can try to get some pictures if anyone is interested. I know they ship and I have gotten rv awning screens from them and solar screens for the windows and misc other stuf
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