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  1. Thanks for the replies! I have reservations for 10 days at KOA Kissimmee, we could not get reservations at onsite for Disney World! I think we will head south to Key Largo next for a couple weeks then head for home taking our time with a stop in Bham Alabama maybe if the weather permits! Bill
  2. Thank you, reason for the trip is my Granddaughter is dancing at Disney world so we decided to stick around for a bit. Is there another area that is good to stay a bit in the winter?
  3. We are planning a trip to Disney World the first of December 2021 from Turlock CA, what is the consensus? I have not tried a winter trip cross country! Is the southern route pretty good that time of year? Also any suggestions on were to stay in Orlando and I was also thinking on staying for a while maybe going to the Keys?Thanks Bill
  4. Well it seems solo because she is usually pissed off at me haha! But no we like to travel at our own pace so we can enjoy the land! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies! I am all in but when I told my wife that it would be a few month trip she is now having second thoughts!! I am not sure she can stay away from the grand babies that long! I have time to convince her maybe take our oldest with us! Thanks
  6. Planning a solo Alaska trip in 2020 is this a wise choice? I like to travel at my on pace! What is a good book or publication can I get to help with the trip? Best time frame to start? best crossing? Camp grounds to stay in? Realistic distances per day? Thanks
  7. One of the nicest RV spots I have been to is Rafter J-Bar in Hill City South Dakota, great service and close to all the monuments!
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