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  1. thanks, i should have posted i bought me a small car that weighs around 2600 lbs. to pull on all four.
  2. thanks for the replies, I am looking for a small older vehicle that weighs no more than 3000 lbs. that can be towed on all 4 wheels.
  3. I have not got the class "c" yet. Appreciate the info. Not sure what you mean by the over hang. I have been struggling with my decision to buy this as you can see I cant sleep because of it. that is why I accept as many opinions as possible so I can learn new things.
  4. When I say weight is not a issue, I mean that I know the RV and the vehicle I will be pulling are under the legal weight for the combination of both vehicles. I have put my 5er, ram 2500, and personal car on cat scales. I would never put myself or anyone else in danger by being overloaded. I still have my 5er as of now. just trying to get opinions before i pull the trigger on the class "c".
  5. it is rated to pull 7500 pounds. trying to see if the tow dolly would sway behind me to much(if any at all) or if towing a smaller car on 4 wheels would be a better way to go.
  6. weight is not a problem. seeing if towing on 2 wheels or 4 wheels makes a big difference
  7. Looking for opinions for towing a vehicle on all 4 tires or using a tow dolly with the front wheels up. Our vehicle weighs about 4400 lbs. and cannot be towed on all 4 tires. looking at used smaller car weighing about 3000 lbs. to tow on all 4 tires. any opinion on which would be the best way to go would be appreciated.
  8. Going in September. can anyone give me some info about the park and things to go see while we are there? is there another place someone would recommend for Hot Springs? I visited their website and got the normal info. thanks
  9. DesertMiner, I am the person that everyone is wanting to know why I am going so slow. I drive as careful as possible. you are correct to enjoy the scenery because that is why we are going.
  10. yes I do have exhaust brakes and towing package. I check my brakes every time I take it out.
  11. thanks Chad, I am learning this system and this is new to me so I hope everyone has some patience with me. I have weighed my truck and it is 7800 lbs. my towing capacity is 17000 lbs. I know I need to weigh my trailer but I am guessing I will be looking between 12k and 12.5 k in weight. just wondering how much issue I might be looking at going up and down really steep mountains. it pulls great in normal driving.
  12. I am new to the RV way of vacations and to this site. if I put this in the wrong place, please tell me. I have a 2015 ram 2500 with 6.7 diesel and a 38 foot 5th wheel with a dry weight of 10600 lbs. My wife and I are planning a trip to Yellowstone from Louisiana and I have had people telling me I need more truck or a smaller camper to make this trip with the mountains that I will encounter. I have only been in flatter land with some good steep hills. Any help will be appreciated.
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