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  1. while looking for solutions, came across this Wheelchair accessible motor homes
  2. trying this route https://www.gofundme.com/324eat5m
  3. the side door is high and narrower than a chair so structure changes and add lift. i have seen them on buses for transit it is a 1950 fageol will go to bus and take a picture of the door this week
  4. as of march i am bound to a wheel chair and looking for senior housing. i am on the streets.the nursing home told shag i needed assisted care, just as i was going to sign the lease. so shag cancelled my lease. then the nursing home said I could stay there if I gave them all my income. so i left june 16th, and on the streets, and have been applying for senior living which is four months out i have a case worker at the hospital helping me i use the library to charge my chair i hang around a 24hour qfc to get food in three months i will have to move my bus, hopefully i will have a place to put my stuff in by then
  5. mist sell by end of june or will have to scrape it
  6. mist sell by end of june or will have to scrape it
  7. I can no longer live in my motorcoach. i have a detailed description at http://roadwarrior.free-man.com/1950%20fageol%20for%20sale.html
  8. there is more to consider than dollars. it will depend on the person that is interested. i have to get to know them
  9. i am busy writing up the sales blurb here is what I have so far http://roadwarrior.free-man.com/1950%20fageol%20for%20sale.html
  10. well, I am out of my motorcoach and getting it cleaned out ready for sale. I am witting up info so the perspective bus nut, knows what they are in for
  11. been looking for something to get in bus take a look at these lifts
  12. my son took the advantage, while I was hospitalized, and clean the coach. took two trips in his car to the dump.
  13. used to fill at loves @2.99, now fill at Egan's in SeaTac @2.50. he says this is his last year in business. He is 78. The General area in Seattle is @3.00+ I called for a quote to fill a 500 gallon in Washington State, I was quoted @1.69.
  14. we have had an extened summer but the temps are now dropping at night. So I have to adjust the choke settings, manually, till I finish the servo routine that controls the choke. I lost the controller that did this in the 2006 fire, and have not had the motivation to work on it till this year when I got on the road. I am using a new controller( STM32F4) so the code is different. the actual servo is from RC stuff. This is on a 1974 Merc 460
  15. suggest you paint a sample and let it dry to see if comes out the way you thought
  16. being the frugal person I have been looking or "used" matteresses. Only becuase I came into a sum of money did I let myself loose and buy "NEW". I am still Frugal about fuel used, so use pile of blankets. I was blessed with being a furnace, from what other have said.
  17. Finally after 2 decades, and new coil spring mattress. Even bought new fleece sheets. am I spoiled or what?
  18. I have been driving blind the last few weeks so to speak. the Rats did a number on the wiring, and the fire of 2006 took out the hoses to the hardware gauges. so my project is to get the hoses rebuilt and patch the wiring. be nice to have oil pressure and engine temps, at least. see if I can get tranny temp in as well. currently control fans with a switch, hopefully get the engine temp switch to work. add an LED on the panel to let me see when it kicks in.
  19. LOL I got four catalytic heater the stopped working after one winter. they were the adjustable heat type and the circuit board fried. Have now, a 4 element infrared heater powered by propane that I got two years ago. Really like it, but the tiles are warring. trying to find a source for tiles for replacement and want to make a hydronic system using these tiles.
  20. replaced the split-rim to tubeless on the steering. really makes a difference in the trip I took Sat.
  21. finally replaced the foot valve, and cut the slack nut that holds the pedal against the valve. they found a leak in the lines and repaired that. now have 125 lbs pressure and not brake drag. coach has not run so smooth since I have had it. looking forward to better gas mileage.
  22. Finally got a new refer. the RATS did a number on the old one in 2000 then in 2010. Then the fire of 2006. Camping world had a 7 cubic for $999, Sams membership price. Strange thing happened, my front passenger side Tire deflated. Pressure did not register but not flat enough for the split rim to come off. lucky enough I have air hose so just inflated. Going soon to get new front tires. Had these since 1996. going tubeless, so new wheels (rims) and tires $1,500 for both. Theses are high milers that have not had more than 70,000 miles on them. tread is still good, but found a lesions in the the side wall of the driver side one.
  23. What a difference, replace all 6 windshield glass, even found someone that caters to RVs. They had tinted Glass looks pretty spiffy. had them also replace the Door panels that had been kicked in.
  24. an a more down to earth problems, replacing the 6 front windshield flat glass that had been damage by vandals and fire of 2006. Have a transmission place fix the leak of the dipstick that I messed up when I installed the new C6 in Feb 2007. Replace a spring brake that went bad sometime since 1996. Got the air brake pedal valve in but need someone to go over the complete system for leaks. Get a replacement refrigerator that the Rats devastated. Get a 40 gal end or side fill Propane mounted, to augment my two 10 gal's. Get my rear Skylight replaced. Maybe put in a heat pump in place of it. that is a good start for next week.
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