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  1. I have recently tried to update photos in my post:


    I deleted the previous photos and tried to add two new ones. Photo 1 is 163KB and photo 2 is 135KB. The system is indicating a Max total of 0.08MB. I think that capacity should accommodate my photos. Any suggestions?

    1. Jaydrvr


      Try this.. 


    2. GameDoc


      Excellent tool. Thanks. Is there an interface with this that allows me to delete these photos when I am finished, or do they remain in IMGUR.com forever?

    3. Jaydrvr


      Sorry, that I don't know. I personally don't post anything that really matters, so... Jay 

  2. What is status of the Rose Parade HOP for 2021?

    How can we sign up for it?

  3. I get a my profile is 50% complete message in the forums but nothing I do, including checking my account seems to help. Opening that message and clicking next does not help. Any suggestions. This is a minor irritation obviously...heh

  4. Ya'll might want to look at the 2nd page of

    It has gone way over the deep end and has a racist post on it.

  5. What is with this guy posting Chinese character posts who joined seven hours ago? http://www.rvnetwork.com/profile/60577-zzzzhy456/

  6. If you are not aware, the forum is being very heavily spammed.  If you want to make me a moderator I can delete the threads when I see them and ban the members making all of these posts.  They are starting to over run the forum.


  7. I have a question regarding file size when posting photos of my Motorhome for sale. Last year I had quite a few photos on this site selling this same Motorhome. The same files at that time worked fine. Now it is telling me the max file size is 128kb. I re-sized all my images down to less than that and it will still only take one photo. What gives? 

  8. Can't find a specific forum on rvnetwork.com to sell a tow vehicle (2015 Wrangler Sport). Where should I search?

  9. I cannot send to RandyA.  I can send to JPL.  I get this reject message for RandyA. 

    DA1gTFel.png "border=0
    m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image.

  10. Since the new layout occurred my number of posts dropped from almost a 1000 to about 150.  What happened???  Can I get that corrected.

    This is my second request, am I notifying the correct person?



  11. How do you permanently turn off the "would you like to receive notifications"?

  12. I've contributed to the travel blog forum in the past but now it appears I have read only status, is there something I did wrong to prevent me posting there again??


    Brian Downing

  13. My post count dropped from almost 1000 posts to 155 with the new layout.  What happened and can I get the number corrected?

  14. Hi, 

    Would you mind activating the "Signature" feature on the forum?
    I like the  individuality that it brings.

    Rich of Rich&Sylvia


    1. RV_


      Hi could you set the number of characters for the name seen on posts from three to two? I had to Use RV_ because it would not allow me to show as User RV anymore as I have for all my past 17 years of support of the forums.

      See here: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?/topic/126803-hey/&do=findComment&comment=888530

  15. working in Texas as a gate guard.6 of us started a help forum with a chat feature for people wanting live help to learn about gate guarding. I'm asking for permission to post about it on your forum. The site is http://gateguards.org thank you

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