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  1. Being from the Midwest also, we want out of the ice and snow, too --- right now it's all around us. We sometimes look into a smaller community but the medical facilities are minimal with locals often going an hour plus to a sizable city to get medical treatment. It is definitely a big consideration. Good for you that you could find everything you need in the place you chose.
  2. Wondering about insurance for RV trips. Has anyone had to use it and was there a problem if getting you medical help, but the trip insurers were not using your preferred providers. In other words, did you get stuck with owing a bunch because the trip insurance did not cover it all and it was not your preferred providers so your medical did not either.
  3. For all of you who have travelled the country, many have found a good place for when they finally left the road. Besides where relatives live, would you mind saying what place you chose and the reasons you like it. Or places you had first picked but then passed up because of problems not anticipated. Maybe where you are now was your choice but you found that there were other factors you wish you had considered. (Even if your relatives were the reason, if you really like the place and think others would, please let us know about it also.) Thank you.
  4. There is a kind of opposite situation possible here and, yes, there is often a line. Companies can define a fulltimer however they want. One company might say that a person is a fulltimer if on the road for at least five months. In other words, he or she may need fulltimer insurance even if owning an S & B and not even on the road most of the time. Yes, fulltimer insurance certainly usually costs more (depends on what you have been paying --- may be possible for someone to pay less for fulltimer insurance if switching companies) but as for a loan, you would have to look at the loan papers to see what is required. A change of address is usually expected to be provided. As to how fulltimer status comes into it, no telling for any specific loan or company except to talk to them and read the provisions. As some have said, you want to make sure you are covered if something comes up. You do not want your company discovering fulltimer status (in case they will void your insurance or cancel your loan or some such) if a claim is made or something comes up regarding a loan, so they should know that in advance.
  5. If you move to a state and intend to stay there and start doing those things that residents do such as getting a job or place to live or DL, and do not intend to return to your previous state, you are usually a resident from the moment you arrive. I have not looked at Oregon. You might want to inquire at some Oregon state offices, or whatever other state you have an interest in, as to the residency situation. Many states make laws in order to claim a person who does not want to be their resident (but whose actions make it look as if he or she actually is a resident.) So a state might want to claim you if you stay there past a certain number of months or days, while you say that you are a resident elsewhere.
  6. You and your wife can be residents of different states. You can ask accountants or tax lawyers about your specific situation. That is in addition to other considerations mentioned above.
  7. I see that it is almost always contiguous and I see the apparent reason for the reciprocity: They want the other state to collect taxes for them from their own residents. Not all are contiguous though. Kentucky has reciprocity with WI and Arizona has reciprocity with Indiana, Washington, D.C. and Virginia.
  8. Just out of curiosity, do Michigan or Ohio have such agreements with any other states that you know of? I wonder if this kind of thing exists elsewhere. I guess I want to look into how that came about, as that is an interesting situation. I'll answer my own question after looking it up. Lots of states have reciprocity agreements. It is for wages or salaries only, as far as I see. Nothing to do with doing business in another state.
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