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    Hiking, Trail Running, playing with my dog, poker, watching sports like football and baseball, playing any type of sport, reading, exploring new places and really getting to see the culture rather than staying in the Hilton and missing out on local culture

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  1. I'll probably be out around the Quartzite area by Jan 18th. I realize I'm not going to get anywhere near full price; just looking to get as close as possible for like new equipment. I also have a 1500W VertaMax Inverter that I forgot to mention.
  2. austi003

    OT: Boondocking

    While I think it is very common for people to feel this way, remember that the statistical probabilities of crimes occurring will be in larger populated areas, not out remote in the wilderness. I agree with everything that people are saying, that you should be prepared and aware of your surroundings, but don't let one event cause you to live in fear either. People often get freaked out over an event, such as a plane crash, when in reality you are much more likely to be in a fatal car accident, yet we happily get in our cars every day. Yes these crimes can and do occur to boondockers, but it happens far more in populated cities.
  3. I'm not opposed to it, just figured it might be easier for me to offload to someone that needs a good starter kit of Solar Panels and Charge controller. I purchased and installed back in June of this year for the Truck Camper, and took them off of the roof (and been in storage since) in October when I sold the Truck Camper. For that route, I'd probably wait until after the new year as I could drive out I-20 and meet you somewhere along that route.
  4. Yes, sorry great suggestion. Right now I am in Colorado Springs and will be driving to Huntsville, AL as soon as my RV Registration comes in the mail (sometime between now and Dec 3rd). The two likely routes are I-70 through Kansas until St. Louis, and then south through Paducah, Nashville, etc. into Huntsville. The other option is to go the southern route down to New Mexico, Texas, and across I-40W. If I still have them after the new year (or arranging a deal to meet someone after the new year), I'll be heading out towards Arizona with known stops in Texas. I won't mind venturing a little off my path going this way if there is somewhere cool to see and it helps me meet up with someone to make the sell.
  5. I'm upgrading to Battleborn, 200 aH right now and 400 aH next spring. I'm moving to the HiTech 200W Panels because I can get 800-1000K Watts up there if needed, and I'll need a larger MPPTS
  6. I originally purchased an old 1990 Lance Truck Camper to refurbish, and I put the Renogy 200W starter kit on it. However, I upgraded to a new Travel Trailer and I'm going to be doing a significant upgrade to my Solar Setup. I have 2 100W Renogy Mono Solar Panels and the 30A PWM Controller for sale. Depending on when you purchase, I may also have two (mostly new) 6v golf cart batteries that came with my Travel Trailer as well. I'm traveling to Alabama to visit family for Thanksgiving and planning to do my full Solar install while I'm there, and then headed out west towards Arizona in January. Given the weight of trying to ship Solar Panels and potentially batteries, I'd prefer to find someone along my route that might be interested in this equipment. They are still mostly new, I'm just upgrading to 200W solar panels and an MPPT controller as I'm a full time nomad working in tech, and I want the extra Solar power. These are the items I have available. I'm most motivated to sell to someone that wants everything, but I will sell in pieces too. Please make an actual offer and do not ask the question "What's the lowest you will take" because I will ignore that question. Most of the Renogy Starter Kit (Depending on length of cable needed, I may still have the full kit available, but the wires were trimmed down for my TC Solar Install) - Goes for $302 on Amazon and I'm looking for $200 OBO https://www.amazon.com/Renogy-Monocrystalline-Solar-Starter-Wanderer/dp/B00BCRG22A/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3CT6MIM4JBTY2&keywords=renogy+starter+kit&qid=1573744133&sprefix=Renogy+Sta%2Caps%2C681&sr=8-4 VertaMax 1500W PSW Inverter - $268 on Amazon and I'm looking for $150 OBO https://www.amazon.com/VertaMax-Inverter-Cables-Remote-Control/dp/B06XPRJ1HB/ref=sr_1_4?crid=20PI0JBF4RP6M&keywords=vertamax+1500+watt+pure+sine+wave+inverter&qid=1573744312&sprefix=Vertamax+15%2Caps%2C266&sr=8-4 2x - Deka 6v Golf Cart Batteries - 230 aH - Looking for $150 OBO https://www.lowes.com/pd/Deka-6-Volt-448-Amp-Golf-Cart-Battery/50183775
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