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  1. Good morning! My name is K. Susie Adams ("Susie").I am an attorney working with Shawn Loring at Loring & Assoc. Although a lawyer's opinion does not appear necessary in this conversation, we thought we might chime in. We are asked this question rather often: which box do you check when renewing your license in Texas and there's no box for your lifestyle? The answer, as many of you have indicated, is "single family dwelling." It doesn't exactly "fit", but that's because full time RVing doesn't "fit" into the never-changing categories set up by the state government. I hope this helps alleviate some concerns. And yes we do not mind "weighing in" if we catch the conversation. Best to you all and happy full-time RVing!
  2. Thank you for reading my article in the July/August Escapees magazine publication. I am sorry we didn't see your email. As to what kind of company you need to create, Texas Secretary of State has a great website that helps walk you through the questions (https://www.sos.state.tx.us/corp/related.shtml). You can also call and schedule a free consultation with me at Loring & Assoc. 800-260-1615 ext 2. But to give you a general answer: In short, each enterprise is unique so trying to answer your question in a vacuum is difficult. Although you do not need to change the state of incorporation from Maryland to Texas (e.g. many companies used to choose Delaware just because Delaware laws were so company-friendly) it helps the claim that you are domiciled in Texas if your business is also incorporated/created in Texas. Texas is also company-friendly so it is worth your while to look into closing the SCorp in Maryland and creating a new company in Texas, but it isn't required. So first explore the pros and cons of that (which we can do together if you can schedule to talk with me). As to which company structure is best for you, that I would rather answer after a consultation. Best to you and we look forward to your Texas move!
  3. Multigenerational Wealth Strategies, LLC is just such a company. With an office in Escapees Headquarters in Livingston, Texas, Heather Brown as financial consultant is familiar with the full-time RVing lifestyle and has worked with many an Escapees member. She can be contacted at 800-260-1615 ext. 1.
  4. The reason this is so cumbersome is because fulltime RVers don't actually "live" in any given state, under the old definition of "live" meaning owning or renting a home. Because of the lifestyle, there's a bigger need to have roots in that state you call home like the ones I mentioned in the previous post. Local banks, local professionals, joining local clubs can all help establish domicile even though you are a full time RVer.
  5. Healthcare should be procured in the state you "intend to call home", the case law definition of "domicile" in the United States. For fulltime RVers you must take additional steps to show that you are calling a certain state your home. For example, if you choose Texas you can do the "easy steps" sometimes in one day. You can procure an address from, say, Escapees showing that you now live on Rainbow Drive in Livingston, Texas. Using that address, you can get your vehicles inspected and registered in downtown Livingston. Once you have your vehicles registered, you can drive two blocks to the Texas Drivers License office and get your new drivers license (by turning in your unexpired license from the state from which you have moved). After that you can register to vote, submit an Affidavit of Domicile to the court . Then, however, come the more difficult steps. You need to show you really have moved to Texas. Changing your banks, finding local professionals for healthcare, accounting, legal work, changing your wills and powers of attorney to Texas, procuring a local library card, joining local clubs and shedding items from the state from which you have moved are all important steps to creating your new domicile in Texas. Once done, there will be no hint of healthcare fraud as some have suggested above. Please understand, though, that this is a process and must be carefully considered before you choose your next home.
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