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  1. My wife is in the process of renewing her Texas driver's license on line and the following question has appeared: "My residence address is a single family dwelling, apartment, motel or temporary shelter." The form requires one to verify that a residence is one of these. What is the correct response? We do not appear to fall into any of these categories. Thoughts?
  2. Have been looking for specific info for early voting for Polk county and have not found when or where. It appears that early voting begins on Oct 22nd. Anyone have detail or link that I could follow. Don't want to pass this one.
  3. It is possible that you might be a little sucking air through a crack in a fuel line. We know many people that own coaches made in the late 90s and early 2000 that are replacing some fuel lines. Your being a 2004 probably not likely but don't know the type that Newmar uses. FWIW.
  4. We are replacing our working Dometic NDR 1492 - less icemaker. It will be replaced with a Samsung residential unit on 9-25/26. It will be available for pickup in Spring, Texas. Best offer will purchase this working unit. 36 deg. in refer side and 5 deg. in freezer side. The refer has full cherry face panels. Having some problems making the pic smallest to publish. If you can't see it - PM me and I'll email to you. Thank you.
  5. As suggested above I would have all of the fluids and filters changed soon at a service center that specializes in your engine if for no other reason than to establish a base line. We have a Cummins M11 and often will get our oil changed at a Cummins shop and have them inspect the engine for repair/replacement items. I like the shop that allows me to be near the coach when the inspection is occuring so I am aware of anything the they might find. As I am not familiar with your engine I would suggest that you take it to a truck service facility and have them check it out. When our oil is being changed we have a sample taken and sent out for analysis. The reaults will tell you the condition of the engine. The Cummins shops that we have visited have been very professional and have NOT taken advantage of us. We do not take our coach to any RV service repair facility. We also use a VMSPC. Good luck and travel safe.
  6. For the money that you are looking at spending you could get a nice 2001 to 2002 Foretravel U320. 450 HP and transmission retarder. The M11 engine on the U320 is a commercial engine that is as tough as nails and should see 1MM miles. Maintenance records are a must and I agree with the above poster that you should walk away from any MH that doesn't have them. Also if you are not familiar with the DP systems an inspection/survey would also be adviseable. Foretravel builds their own chasis and all wood cabinetry in house. Positioning of the air ride bags are in front and behind the wheels, not inside of them so the handling of the coach is more stable. On those years you will find no stabilizing jacks as the HWH system is auto level using the air bags. No wipers on the slides - air bladders. Slides are flush. The full bodypaint system they use will show nice for many years with multiple clear coats on top for further protection. The Foretravel Forum is also a wonderful place to learn about this wonderful piece of equipment and I would suggest that it is the best owner site of any brand out there. You will find that the Foretravel is a quality built coach and many are still on the road and cherished dating back into the 1980s. As with any preowned equipment things will break and will need to be replaced and others will need to be upgraded. The quality of the components are top shelf. We also looked at the Newmar brand as well as Country Coach, Tiffin, Bluebird, Winnabego, Fleetwood and a bunch of others but felt that the build quality, engine, trans and suspension of the Foretravel were far better than the other brand mentioned above. I was more concerned with the mechanical and my DW more into the layout. She likes our layout - 2 slides. Foretravel owners have two sayings: 1. Establish your budget and buy the best Foretravel that you can. (Keep in mind that when purchasing and preowned gasser or DP you should have about $10K tucked away for immediate repairs, upgrades and stuff like that. Also keep in mind that the tire life is 5 to 7 years so check the date stamp on the tires. New tires on a DP can easily run you $3500 even using the FMCA Micheline discount tire program.) 2..I would rather have a 10 year old Foretravel that a new SOB (some other brand). Visit this web site for information, lurk around and ask questions. - http://www.foreforums.com/ Another web site put together and maintained by one of the owners is: http://www.beamalarm.com/foretravel-links/foretravel-past-brochures-specifications-and-manuals.html Here you will find just about everything Foretravel including layouts by year as well as specifications. http://www.beamalarm.com/foretravel-links/foretravel-past-brochures-specifications-and-manuals.html - 50 reasons to love your Foretravel. Yes I am biased. We have been fulltiming for 3 years in our Foretravel and chatted with many other travelers that do not know the brand and wish that they had before they had purchased their present equipment. We have a friend that purchased a brand new Allegro Bus and once they saw our old girl he wished he had purchased one. Do your home work and you must decide what is best for you. Maybe that Newmar is the right one. Good luck and good hunting. Safe travels.
  7. How about using the FMCA tire discount program?
  8. We have a 2002 U320 Foretravel that we really like. Well built inside and out lots of HP. It is considered the bottom of the top three. Prevost, Newell then Foretravel. The other models mentioned are popular but the build quality is not the same. There are some bunk models out there but not many. We are not diesel or RV mechanics and have done many repairs and upgrades ourselves with help from the Owners Forum. The engine is a Cummins M11, rated for 1M miles, with and Allison trans. and transmission retarder is hard to beat. The retarder is much better for stoping than the Jake brakes you will find on other class As. The frame/chassis is custom made and the air suspension levels the coach at your camp site. It has no leveling jacks. The engine has access from a large back engine compartment door and from above under the bed. To learn more I would suggest that you visit the Fortravel Owners Web Site. http://www.foreforums.com/ This web site is full of experienced owners that are willing to answer any questions asked. I would also suggest you visit the Tiffin, Monaco, Bluebird, Newmar, Beaver as well as Fleetwood and Winnabego. Join the forums ask question do a lot of reading/research. When we purchased ours I wanted to buy our third coach first. The best comments I received were: establish your budget and buy the best Foretravel you can and a 10 year old Foretravel is better than a new SOB (some other brand). While we were researching our purchase we aften talked to owners of the Manufactures mentioned above as well as others to see what the liked and disliked about their coaches. Many would not repurchase what they owned and many said that they would look very closely at the Foretravel. We found in our budget range that Foretravel, certain years of Newmar, Country Coach, Monaco, Beaver were in our short list. There is no perfection and each brand has good years and not so good years. You must do your research and decide for your self. If you would like to chat regarding our path to a Foretravel through the hundreds of names and models out there you can PM me. Leave your phone # and what times/days are good for you and I will call you back, share what I have found out as well as answer as many question as I can. We can do a conference calls with our better halves as they can shed alot of lite on what works for them and what doesn't. Good Luck. :-D
  9. We are very happy with our 2002 U320 36' foretravel. Has a 450HP Cummins M11 with a 6 speed Allison Trans and Transmission retarder. No Jake brake. More HP per foot and wieght than any other Class A on the market. Cabinetry is solid wood and coach chassis is custom built. Aquahot for hot water and heat. Great paint. Air bag suspension - no jacks.
  10. What about some sort of electronic petition that could be sent to our legislative rep. responsible for our Livingston domicile address? Does souch a thing exist?
  11. Tiffin over Tuscany. Look at a like priced Foretravel.
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