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  1. Thanks Phill. I felt it would cause more problems than it was worth,(the DOT part).
  2. Thanks for the information. I'll be able to shorten to 65' but would have to unload the JK. My only issue is DW usually Flys to meet me in the area we plan on seeing. She hates the drive. So the jeep would be parked till I could return and pu. If I were to get DOT #s on the truck would that help ? Another can of worms but I would rather be legal if theres a way.
  3. Phil, I have 2 questions. Hope you don't mind answering. If someone is over length What do you do? Make them unhook and call a tow truck or What? And what amount of fine are we talking about? When I rebuild my bed and put the JK on the back I'll be 68'+. Thanks.
  4. WLee

    Fuel mileage

    I have a 09 M2 with ISC 330 towing 20k+ at 65-68 MPH. I get 14.5 MPG! 7.25 going and 7.25 coming home.
  5. I have a 67 Fastback S code I'm fairly sure there 67/68
  6. I like you tail lights!
  7. On this site its pretty much about biggest 5er, baddest truck, most solar panels,ect. I know you can't have enough power, to much sq footage, whatever. My first MDT was a 99 GMC C7500 3126b Cat. 250 hp 660 tq pulling a 40' Newmar Mountainare. About 20k#. My MDT now is a Freightliner M2-106 ISC 330 hp 100 tq. Plenty fast. Anyway if your blowing up the mountain no telling what you might miss in the trees, Deer, Elk, Waterfalls.
  8. WLee

    Time for a Change

    On the subject of the shoulder. I had the Delta reverse sholder replacement about 2-1/2 years ago on my right shoulder and no regrets! The only drawbacks are scratching you back, (or butt),limited amount of weight I can pu over my head, getting off the floor from a laying position. The pain level is a little rough for about 2 weeks. I will have the Left replaced as soon as I get a few more thing done around the house. Good luck!!
  9. WLee

    Just a friendly reminder

    A friend of my once said, "If you keep a safe distance we would back our way out of Baton Rouge".
  10. WLee

    JK nose up

    Thanks for the heads up on the slider hitch. I don't follow others well. I've almost always found my on way. There's a few exceptions. I pick who I follow very carefully! I fell off a 50' oil tank when I was 19 following orders.
  11. Louisiana has a non medical card CDL. And a M restriction CDL for tractors under 26,000 lb GVW.
  12. WLee

    JK nose up

    Thanks Vern, and enjoyed the chat.
  13. WLee

    JK nose up

    I've eyeballed the car hauler hitches. Very impressive. Now you've got me thinking. Maybe a 9x2x1/4 rec tubing. Almost double the strength of 5/16 Channel. Easer to build the slider frame with rec tubing than Channel! I found a Holland slider frame,NWB,desigh I think would work for my slider Locks. I would like to talk for sure! I'll email you my#.
  14. WLee

    JK nose up

    Wrknrvr, I tried to post your pics but they would appear upside down. Not sure how to fix.
  15. WLee

    JK nose up

    Thanks for the pictures of your hitch and framework for the jeep. Your slider is a lot like what I want to do. This is the frame I'm thinking of building.i think it's a little long just not sure how much to counterleaver. The frame will be 9"x5/16 Channel. This is how I plan to attach the slider to the bed. The blue Cs are the slider riding on UHMW wear strips or similar. I'll have to build the pockets they slide in. Working an how to lock and unlock by air. Modified slider locks maybe. Big5er I would like your input on modifying the truck. I know I can make it safe, just concerned about legal!
  16. Wayne Lee here. I'm sure you saw my post on MDT "JK Nose up". Wanted to get your input on what I want to do.LEO's are my prime concern. I know each state is different. Just be gentle.


    If you want to email me waynelee1354@gmail.com

  17. WLee

    JK nose up

    After zooming I see the winch cable laying from the Jeep to the bed. I thought that might be a little steep a climb!!
  18. WLee

    JK nose up

    I went ti the test post section and found your post. I didn't see any pics of the hitch. I'm defiantly interested.Your setup is similar to what I'm trying to do but with a longer Jeep. Wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the ramps. I like your setup. If you have more detailed pics and don't mind sharing Email me at waynelee1354@gmail.com. Do you winch your Jeep up or drive it up?
  19. WLee

    JK nose up

    Thanks Chad for your response. And you too DollyTrolly. Were out of town for a week. I'm go ing to take you up on the weights and balances offer. As it sets now the front axle Weights 8030+\- 100 lb Bobtail, pulling 5th wheel or 28k equipment trailer. Currently the hitch is over the center of the axle. That will change. I went to a MDT in 99 because I was over working a 1ton. I don't won't to overload a truck. If we would ever go full time I would buy a HDT, but that ain't Gina happen I would go crazy or have to pull a work trailer behind the 5er so I would have something to do Cummins and Allison both rate the components at 80k. Like I said before I can handle slowing down on the hills. A little more about the truck. Air brakes, suspension, seats and CrewCab. A week or so back my wife's Postal LLV broke down and she had to ride in a MDT wrecker and she now appreciate air ride.
  20. WLee

    JK nose up

    One more thing about upfitters. When a HD singles do they have to get recertification ?
  21. WLee

    JK nose up

    That's what I'm looking for is constructive input. Like the upfitter. I know it would be slower on the grades. I'll be adding about 6500 pounds. It's not a Sport Chassis. We will never go full time. It would be used for 2 good trips a year. 1 East, 1 West.
  22. WLee

    JK nose up

    I have a 10K front and a 18K rear axle now. The 106 can be ordered with a GVR rating of 54K +. I have the 187" wheelbase to, but I'm going to get it stretched and add a 13K tag axle.
  23. WLee

    JK nose up

    I'm looking to build a Toter/Hauler bed for my 09 M2-106 Freightliner. I'll be hauling 12 JK on tieback nose up. Way up. Pulling a 40' Mountain Aire. I know the first thing the will be thought or said is "not enough truck", but my choice. Now the ISC is set at 330/1000. Thinking about having it bumped to 375/1200.The Allison 3000RDS can handle 1200 TQ. Thought about Doubles but Eastern states it's a no no. I want to make it with a slidingHitch. A design I haven't seen before. I have a drawing on 2D Delta Cad. I'll try to upload it this weekend.
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