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    I am a virtual assistant by trade, a mother by grace and a traveler by choice!

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  1. Thank you for ALL of your help and suggestions! I think getting her involved might be a fabulous solution!!! We can definitely venture outside of internet service as I do have means on my own. However if I am in the middle of no mans land that isnt gonna work so well. We are not in a ginormous hurry but I am anxious to get home so probly going to limit adventures a bit.
  2. WOOT WOOT!!! I wish you the very bestest of luck!!! Cant wait to hear about it!
  3. WOW! How super exciting!!!! Cant wait to see your adventures!
  4. I notice that many of you are retired or work the seasons at campgrounds and parks. But I am curious what does everyone do? I personally am a Virtual Assistant (Secretary that does everything via internet). After working for 22 years in the corporate world and making it to the top in my field I decided I absolutely hated it and hated the 9-5 rat race even more. Now I do the exact same job (minus getting someone's coffee and fighting with copying machines) from the comfort of my own home and from any destination I want. I make my own schedule, I take on as much work as I want or limit it if I don't want it. What do you do and why do you love or hate it?
  5. As a person who drove 3.5 hours one way to meet up with a person to retrieve my escapee (that liked their storage compartment more than our own rig) I soooooo love this idea!!! Must check into this!
  6. I am excited to say very soon I will be traveling (from Nashville, TN) back home (Jackson, WY) to spend a short time. I am uber excited about this! We will not be dilly dallying a whole lot in between here and there but I know there HAS to be of something of interest to stop and see. My original plan was to head in a North direction towards South Dakota and take my daughter to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Badlands....etc. I quickly got over that notion when I learned that will be bike week in Sturgis. Not a chance in heck I am driving an RV through that. Soooooooo....now do I go straight across, down South? We like fun, weird stuff. Maybe short hikes to see scenery (is there anything besides cornfields?) -- I have a 14 year old who I am pretty sure would think I was torturing her should I drag her through museums, however we are open to all options. She is home schooled so if it is educational I can always play the "mom" card. Best places to stay?? I work from the RV so unfortunately boondocking will not be an option except for perhaps a day or so at a time. I will need to be where I can get internet reception.
  7. I just checked out the website. Very interesting. Nice layout. I will have to consider writing for you. I am a virtual assistant and work while on the road. Unfortunately it requires me to be within internet access throughout my travels. But because I do this I make my own schedule and my clients don't care if I am in Tennessee or their back yard. As long as the work is completed and submitted when they ask for it.
  8. I know that I am a little late in replying to this, as the post is rather old. However as a social media manager it has always been my rule of thumb that it really doesnt matter if you use your real name or a handle as long as you are absolutely consistent across the board. If your book is about RVing and you are blogging about RVing and you are on facebook or other platforms talking about RVing then you need to be consistent. For instance, if you don't want to disclose your name, and want to be THE RV MAN then you need to be THE RV MAN no matter which platform you are on. You could then tie it in on your book cover....JOHN DOE, THE RV MAN. It is all about gathering an audience and a group of followers, this will in turn bring people to your blog as well as help your book sell big numbers. Let your branding work for you. When someone thinks of facial tissue they think of Kleenex, not because it is the only brand out there, but because that name is in front of our face constantly. When you think of country cooking, Paula Dean or The Pioneer Woman comes to mind, same concept on both. Paula's name is obviously Paula, The Pioneer Woman's real name is Ree. Both are equally as famous, however Ree chose not to brand herself with her real name, it doesn't matter 'cause we know her as The Pioneer Woman. In any case I hope this helps. Becky
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