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  1. Class of 2017

    Hello to my fellow full-timers! I will be graduating on May 1, 2017, leaving Florida in my new 2017 Pleasure Way Lexor Class B. It's been a long haul preparing for this day, with all the paperwork, logistics, buying my rig, learning about all the systems, and buying accessories. Got two more months to go in my rental and I'm gonna need the time! I've been mostly lurking (minimalista my previous display name) but people in these forums have been very helpful in helping me navigate a lot of the prep work. I *think* I'm close to being ready, with the exception of actually packing my rig. Now I just have to figure out where to GO. Rough plan is to end up in New England in the fall. I'd love any suggestions on places to stay along the route north through the Carolinas and Virginial, maybe Tennessee. I imagine campgrounds will be busy in the Spring. Thanks! -Cathy Button
  2. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thanks Rosita - I have seen his vandwelling website, was interesting to read for sure. -Cathy
  3. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thanks! The Phoenix look really nice (if a bit big for me) -will look for them at the Tampa show next week. And you should win the prize for the best username! Love that. -Cathy
  4. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thanks, Linda! I like the idea of the "pillowcases" for the ottomans. I figured it could take awhile to figure out the most comfy configuration and one that requires the least setup. Good idea to have the table leg as a pull bar -Cathy
  5. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thank you, Rod - I hear you on the variable quality of campground facilities! In my tent camping days I had good, bad, and in between, complete with those multi legged creatures. I have rented a Class C before so I got a very general idea. I do know the B will be different, less room, smaller tanks, etc. I agree that renting a B would be a prudent way to go, and would consider that if I could find a decent rental. Thanks, - Cathy
  6. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thank you Smitty, for those alternatives. I know the Bs are pricey for the specs & configurations you get but I am pretty much decided on that. The Pleasure Way Lexor is the one I'm wanting. I'm finding such good information from members on these forums, and it's all so helpful and great to benefit from others' experience. And, Linda I am with you on stopping at a restaurant then resting in the rig ? Thanks again, -Cathy
  7. New Class B purchase - off lot vs. special order

    Thanks for the quick and thoughtful replies! I understand buying new is a pricey way to go, but since I'm traveling solo I figure a new rig is less likely to have a breakdown. Also, the 1-3 year old Class Bs are not that much cheaper, from what I've seen advertised, and I wouldn't go older than that. The issue of tank sizes is definitely a concern, but I plan to spend much of my time in national and state parks and use the facilities there when possible. I had considered a travel trailer also, but I really like that the B allows you to go and park most everywhere. Time will tell how long a B will work for me, and I'm willing to learn an expensive lesson if that is what happens. -Cathy
  8. Hello, I'm very close to buying a new Class B for my full-timing plans. Would I have better negotiating power if I buy off a dealer's lot vs. doing a special order? For buying off the lot, I'd think a dealer would want to sell what they have sitting there, but a special order seems simpler for them and they would have little to no carrying costs. The RV purchase is so different from buying a new car and I'd like to get a better understanding of the dealers' position. Thank you! -Cathy
  9. Good advice, Linda - they sure do pack a lot of features in the small space. It all adds up, for sure! -Cathy
  10. Thanks again, Linda! That is good to know, and a big relief that I will be insurable. Foremost it will be, once I get everything else in place. I really had my heart set on a Class B, most likely Pleasure-Way. Saw them at the Hershey Show, got to meet Dean Rumpel, the CEO who does their excellent videos. -Cathy
  11. Appreciate your reply, Linda! I was trying to get around the technicality of having a "regular" street address or not, and of course the annual rental at an RV park is something I'd like to avoid. I'm happy to pay whatever Foremost charges for full-timers, but also have a concern that they seem to be the only company offering it, and if they should ever drop this coverage on Class B. Maybe I'm worrying too much on this topic! Thanks, -Cathy
  12. I have the same concerns regarding full-timing insurance on a Class B. Have been told by Geico that they offer the coverage but I didn't trust that they really understood full-timing and that I'd have no other vehicle. As you found, Foremost is the only company I've heard of that claims to offer this type of coverage. Like Mcfly I do not want the bother of owning another vehicle. I am guessing Class B full-timers are rare? Another thought I had to get around this was to get an annual rental in an RV park and just be there occasionally. So I'm not technically full-timing if I have a year-round lease on a site. I'd very much appreciate any feedback on this approach! I plan to buy my B early next year, but want to be positive that I can get insurance coverage -Cathy