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  1. Since I've responded to one post, I should probably introduce myself. I am a 100% disabled vet and hubby is partially disabled. We thought we would have to wait another 5 years to retire, but he retires next fall, early, and we plan on putting our house on the market in early summer. We'll move into our 38 ft Coachmen Encounter with our three fur babies and sell the house (we hope) while waiting on hubby to finish work. We live in East Tennessee and we'll be spending our first winter in Milton, FL, outside Pensacola, just in case we need to be close by home for any last minute stuff. After that, we have no plans at all. We love the planning in jello method. We also want to chase 70 - degrees. Hope to see many of you on the road!
  2. I guess I'm different. DH is the nester, aka hoarder, and I'm the one ready to chuck everything. I've always been one for experiences, rather than being a domestic goddess I can't wait not to have the responsibility of taking care of this house anymore. I have a chronic illness and it's getting more and more difficult for me to keep it up. I love our little MH, where it takes me one to two hours to clean everything. I've never understood the reasoning behind working all week to pay for a house that you spend all weekend taking care of. But, like I said, I'm different
  3. Does anyone else use adult coloring books for relaxation?
  4. Looking for a base plate for our 2006 Jeep Wrangler as well as a Blue Ox tow bar for 10,000 lbs. In East Tennessee.
  5. Hello all! We'd like to join the class of 2017! We have set our date based on DH retirement date. Jan 1, 2017. We are so excited! We just recently purchased a 2015 Coachmen Encounter 37TZ and will be towing Sunny, our 2006 Jeep Wrangler. Looking forward to many conversations and asking many questions!
  6. Thank you both for the great info. We're still a couple of years away from doing this, but I'm trying to think of the important stuff now. I knew that Escapees did the domicile thing but hadn't read about it in detail. I will now. Thanks again!
  7. One of my concerns about fulltiming is getting our medications from the VA. They are currently mailed to us as in 30 day supplies. With no S&B to mail them to, what do other veterans out there do to ensure they get their meds?
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