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  1. That tough decision

    Thank You for the kind words. Jeff
  2. The Class-less Class

    OMG. You've got to be kidding but I know you aren't. Hang in there buddy. Jeff
  3. That tough decision

    Thanks. He had lost another 1/2 lb. in a week. We put him down. It was very hard but his quality of life was not good and he was too old to do anything. A sad day for us. Jeff
  4. The Class-less Class

    Thanks everyone. He is really missed. Tina and Jeff
  5. The Class-less Class

    We had to put our kitty Levi down today. He was nearly 18, think he had a good life. He was a good boy. I was funny to see how "silly" the locals were over the snow last week. I didn't become concerned in Colorado until it got to a foot deep. I lived there for 30 years before I bought my first 4x4 and 25 years before I bought my first set of chains. If it was bad I stayed home. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  6. That tough decision

    Our Kitty is not well. Took him to the vet a week ago because his eating habits changed. He had lost over 2.5 lbs. since last spring (down to 10.1 lbs.). He is almost 18 years old. He hasn't eaten much in the last week and is acting scared of us. Taking him back to the vet this morning. Having a "quality of life" check. He sure went down hill fast. Jeff
  7. The Class-less Class

    I think most of the others are on Facebook. They rarely post here anymore. I'm not on Facebook. O well. We got SNOW last night here in the San Antonio area. Maybe a couple of inches on the grass and cars. Second earliest snow in history here. Most schools are on a 2 hour delay. LOL! People are going nuts. Local TV was breaking into shows last night to talk about the snow. Our house is going pretty quick we think. Check it out on our blog. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  8. Cheyenne, WY to Amarillo, TX-Aviod Denver

    This is a good route to avoid Denver. Going through Denver on Sunday were the Broncos or Rockies playing? Jeff
  9. The Class-less Class

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! We are having a pot luck today and the campground owners are providing the turkey. Hope everyone is having a good meal with family and/or friends. Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff
  10. The Class-less Class

    We met Jerry and Janice for breakfast yesterday and if your ears were ringing you know why. LOL. It was great to see them again. Wish they could've stayed longer. We went to Wurstfest on Sunday (my birthday) and last night again. Lots of great food, BEER and polka music. You haven't lived until you've heard Ozzy Osbourne's song Crazy Train done by a polka band (Alex Meixner Band). Great fun. Wooo Wooo!!!! https://wurstfest.com/ https://alexmeixner.com/ Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  11. The Class-less Class

    Thanks Linda. I went with a "+" instead of "&" and the "+" didn't print. O well, Tina says to write out the word "and". Daylight savings time again. Fall back one hour. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  12. The Class-less Class

    Yes we are. For some reason the map leaves off "&L" on the location. Come on by. Tina and Jeff
  13. The Class-less Class

    Come on by if you can. It would be nice to see you guys again. Poured the slab for the house, may start framing end of next week. WOOOO WOOOOO!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  14. The Class-less Class

    You didn't go to Algodones for the dentist? Friday I went in for an eye exam. I've had cataract surgery on both eyes (left eye early 2011 and right eye 2 1/2 years ago). A year after my right eye surgery while playing with my puppy she stepped on my eye. My vision has slowly gone fuzzy with my right eye. Come to find out I needed a YAG laser procedure. https://www.webmd.com/eye-health/cataracts/ndyag-laser-posterior-capsulotomy-for-cataracts I had both eyes done and the right eye was far worse. What a difference. Go back in a couple of weeks to check my prescription. Travel safe everyone. Jeff GO BRONCOS!!!!!!
  15. The Class-less Class

    No. Don't think so Sue. It's still baseball season and my team may make the playoffs for the first time since 2009. GO ROCKIES!!!! They have been the worst run team in the league and this may be a fluke year. I hope not. Travel safe everyone. Jeff