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  1. Jerry, I think it's too late. LOL! Race cars can be a money pit. Like most things when the fun doesn't equal or exceed the expense it's time for a change. I've had the Falcon since 1990. Was my daily driver for a few years now a street legal race car. It's part of the family. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  2. Roger, the ol' Beave is going kicking and a screaming. It really likes your attention ($$). LOL! I shouldn't laugh you guy have had a tough time with her. We probably would've left the road waaay before you if we had the same troubles. Hang in there buddy. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  3. We are sorry to hear of your health issues. Listen to your doctors and do as they say. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff
  4. Wow Roger! I don't know what to say. Too bad, it seems the Beave soured y'all RVing. You guys have been through alot with the Beave. Haven't broke ground yet, sometime in the next month. We'll be back there in a week then things should speed up. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  5. Kirk, we are headed near you today. Going to Canton for the flea market this weekend. Hope it's not too hot. LOL! Jeff
  6. Us on the other hand lived in the Denver, Co. area for nearly 40 years (1972-2011). Love the no humidity but don't want to do snow anymore and summer is too short. I saw snow every month of the year except July and the only reason I never saw snow in July is because I wasn't high enough in the mountains. We'll be settling just north of San Antonio in the next year. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  7. On the move today. Stopping for a couple of nights in Sikeston, Mo. to eat at Lambert's Cafe. We've eaten at the other two already. If you've never been to a Lambert's put it on your to do list. https://www.throwedrolls.com/ Then on to Little Rock, Arkansas for a week. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  8. Our racing summer has come to an end. Last weekend on the second time run something happened and the engine is not happy. It either has hurt valves or a blown head gasket or both. Bummer. We'll be heading back to Texas soon from Springfield, illinois. We'll probably stop in Canton, Texas for http://www.firstmondaycanton.com/ on our way to San Antonio area. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  9. This is what I do for fuel and campgrounds. Flying J's have dedicated RV pumps. We are at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. They allowed us to park with the trailer hooked up, full hookups with 50 amp on grass. Cheap too. Here for at least a week. Lots of Lincoln stuff to do. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  10. Time to move on from Peoria. Going racing tomorrow at http://www.centralillinoisdragway.com/ then on down to Springfield for a week or so. If you can imagine we've had rain and thunder storms along with a tornado warning a few nights ago. There have also been some beautiful days and some super humid days too. Life back east. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  11. Hopefully not until late October. I have a long reach but not that long. LOL! We are now near Peoria, Illinois. A local TV station said some areas are nearly 3" below normal for rain this year. Well not for long we are in the area and staying at least a week. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  12. This winter we'll be near New Braunfels, Texas. Not sure if we'll be in Q this Jan. 2018 either. Had lunch with Roger and Lynn the other day and they are looking good. Not sure if it's news or not but they've decided to not travel as much. Warm and humid in Iowa, think we'll head for Illinois tomorrow. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  13. Congratulations on the "new" home. Sounds very nice. Driving a class A will different than a truck. Safe travels everyone. Jeff
  14. Last night we were under a tornado warning so we went into town (3 miles) to the fire station and stayed there until the storm passed. The Bellevue, Iowa firemen were very nice to us. Lots of rain. LOL! Having lunch with Lynn and Roger today. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  15. It was hot weatherwise in Cedar Falls, Iowa this weekend. Yesterday didn't make it to 70 degrees and had a northwest wind 15-20 mph. Moving to near Bellevue, Iowa today. Made it through another race weekend without the car breaking. Driver didn't do a good job though so we didn't win the race but went a few rounds. Our travel plans are changing some because Cali has a bad tooth and it is swollen under her left eye, She may need it pulled after the swelling has gone down so we'll probably have the vet. in Cedar Falls do it. Keeping the chalk handy. LOL! Travel safe everyone. Jeff