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  1. Trusty_2010

    How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    Thanks, Jim&Nina.
  2. Trusty_2010

    How large a rig for young active Huskies?

    Great - thank you for the specific examples - that is exactly what we were hoping to hear! The 27'-31' TT to 35' Class C gives me a good idea of where to start looking. Thanks, again!
  3. We are planning to get back on the road by the summer of 2019 (son will be in college - yeah!) and the early planning is starting. Our two rambunctious Huskies/Shepherd pups will be 2+ years old at that point - and I am wondering how large a vehicle we will need. It will be for two people, two cats, and two pups. Previously we have full-timed in 144 sq feet (two humans + one very-old, sweet doggie) so we are adaptable and don't need a Prevost (though it would be nice). If you have large energetic dogs it would be great to hear your experiences and what worked for you. We had a TT previously but are open to any type of RV. Thanks for your help!
  4. Re Hoses.

    I am interested in your hoses. We are currently in NH. You anywhere near?




  5. Trusty_2010

    Class of 2011

    Hi Bayou - I feel exactly the same way. When I was living in a S&B on the west coast, I was always in the rush, rush, rush mode - and once we started fulltiming, suddenly 55 mph felt like a really good speed. Amazing how much slowing down helps me to relax. Esther
  6. Trusty_2010

    Norton, Kaspersky, or?

    Linda, CNET usually has a nice review of all of the anti-virus programs, their features and costs - you might want to run a search on their Website. FYI: In the past, I have had many (too many) different anti-V. and security systems and most of them used too many resources, slowed down my PC, and made working (I telecommute) pretty painful. Currently I have G-Data Antivirus 2011 and have found it to have a nice balance between security and resource usage. Cost was probably ~$50/year. Good Luck. Esther
  7. Trusty_2010

    Class of 2011

    Plan is to start fulltiming for a year or two in February 2011 with my 9 year old son and almost 14 year old Husky. I telecommute and homeschool (soon to be road-schooling) my son and it is very exciting to be leaving the SoCal area and heading out to travel through our wonderful country. We will live in Tx to establish residency and enjoy the Austin area for a couple of months - and then off we go! Great suggestions ChristArtist – the color coordination will help my son find his things. Currently we are letting go and purging lots and lots of stuff – garage sales, Craigslist, donations to charities and friends. I will get a small storage unit for a couple of antiques and things we love (photos, my son's art work). I look forwarding to meeting you on the road. Esther