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  3. VA’s rule establishes a presumption of service connection for diseases associated with exposure to contaminants in the water supply at Camp Lejeune
  4. Hey John, I was there 76-77 and it was no bett4er than when you were there. We worked 24 on 24 off for 8 months, then we got more MP's in, so we worked for 24 on 24 off then an 8 hour day for 4 months. The town was called Hardheim, Germany, but was referred to has Hard time. Yes, I am aware of the 3/71st FB page, there is one for each battery also.
  5. Best assignment Heidelburg and Mannheim Germany. Worst: C Battery 3rd Battalion 71st ADA Air Defense Artillery (Nike Hercules) Big nuclear weapons, all gone now.
  6. RV port/no executive suite, located at TGO (The Great Outdoors Titusville, FL.) Port is 20 X 40, with space to park 2 additional vehicles all on concrete. Enjoy entertaining under a roof without having to worry about the heat or inclement weather. Protect your RV from the hot sun. 12 miles from Kennedy Space Center 31 miles from Orlando 12 miles from the National Sea Shores (great beaches) 16 miles from Disney Cruise Line, Port Canaveral, FL Enjoy all the amenities as owners. (See below) TGO has initiated a new policy that you can only rent from them for 1 month at a time and not for the entire season. Private owners can rent their lots for the entire season. Basic cable included through Bright House Networks ( you will need to go to their office and obtain a decoder box) I will only accept rental for 4 months or longer (no monthly rentals). Lot is available from 1 November 2017 thru 31 March 2018. $1500.00 per month plus 12% county and state taxes. Map of park Rules and regulations: Contact: (859) 361-1109 (859) 494-6185
  8. VA Medical Center in Shreveport, La
  9. Kirk, the Lifetime membership is for new members only.
  10. I would not assume it is the water pump, it could be the control board. I have a Whirlpool and it would not work, reading post and watching U tube I found out the motor brushes could be dirty. Took them out and cleaned and all is good for now. All thought the brush on one side was way shorter than the other. Only thing that will fix this is replace the motor that cost way more than a complete new machine.
  12. I have found out that the PX/NEX is comparable to the outside world. Most of the time all you save is the sales tax. A few year back I was looking at a 40" Samsung TV, Best Buy had a better deal. BX/PX do match prices how ever. Service stations here in Key West is $.05 higher on the gallon of gas and about the same price on diesel. They was told they are required to stay comparable to the civilian community to make the local vendors happy.
  13. I think when they see the prices they will go else where to shop.
  14. Most people already have a picture ID, it called a drivers license. The person checking at the gate could check the name on the pass as well as a DL.