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  1. My opinion is that getting minerals and vitamins naturally is always better than via supplements. Studies continue to show how we know little about how nutrition is absorbed by our bodies so why not hedge a little and eat and drink the real thing? We use a Berkey (1-2 gal size) which fits easily by our sink and provides all our drinking and cooking water needs. The reason it is so efficient at filtering out the bad and keeping the good mineral is due 1. to its proprietary filter media design, and 2. it filters slowly using gravity only. This allows the media to do its job and for the transfer of good minerals (no heavy metals). The bacteria, for example is captured by the media and trapped. Minerals dissolve and move through the media over time. We also have the additional Fluoride and Arsenic filters. To dissolve minerals into water takes time which is why the "re-mineralization" filters offered for RO systems operating inline under pressure don't do a good job of putting healthy minerals back into the purified water supply, although they can positively affect on PH and taste.
  2. My research indicates that the IRS must approve all non FET purchase request by a buyer of a new truck. The purchaser must provide the dealer the IRS approval control number to legitimately eliminate the FET. The request can be made by a company or individual directly with the IRS via form 637, although I have not found anyone who has successfully completed this process yet.
  3. Folding Wings
  4. We put our SC in Park and set the hand brake. Never have had a alarm problem yet. By putting it in park and locking the doors it latches close the fuel cap cover so it won't get sucked off from the draft while driving the HDT. I don't see how the trans would be effected if it strapped down well.
  5. We came across Wolf Creek pass on 160 last week and are staying in Pagosa Springs. W160 is a well traveled and maintained road. You'll have no problem with it. State Patol was working the pass heavily when we came through. We had to stop at a mandatory check point for rigs over 10K but they said have a safe trip after they learned we were private. Didn't check any paperwork, just ask questions about how we operate. Enjoy the trip out here and call if you need anything. We r here through July and August. Here is a video intro of the area.
  6. I can't keep quiet, it's a needed product component for improving the towing experience! Did I win?
  7. Did you buy your trailer at Kansas RV Ctr in Chanute?
  8. We've been in Cullman since last Tuesday, rained around 10" yesterday, we now are part of the Cullman yacht club!
  9. Take a look at RVhaulers.ca, Greg will help you through the process.
  10. Usually Gregg already has the Volvo titled as a MH in Alberta CA so you will be going through the import process of a MH only. This is what we did in May and I got a copy of the actual DMV importation checklist. I sent it to Gregg for future reference. We did our registration in Sioux Falls with no issues.
  11. Glad you guys finally found your way out of hot OK. safe travels, Marc
  12. Order placed today
  13. Nice job, any savings is welcome. Wondering if they will throw in free shipping?
  14. I'm in, please add me to the list. Marc
  15. We purchased a new DRV in May and are currently on the first operational trip. We pulled it home 800 miles prior to this trip so the unit probably has 2500-3000 miles on it now counting delivery to the dealer. We were with Alie and Jim till today so they have already heard of my issues but they are numerous and still mounting in number, some small, some no so small. Today's problem, the big door side slide. I had a conference call with DRV service today and now they want me to bring it back to the factory. That means disrupting our first trip and traveling 2000 miles RT in the wrong direction. Not a good ownership experience thus far. As Jim said, you look at some of the problems and think, really!!! Who is doing the engineering and QA at DRV these days? Sad because they have a good product. Frankly, our choices in the industry are limited, In my opinion, Northern Indiana has not been good for consumers, to much focus on building high number of cheap units and dumping the problems into the dealer network who can't handle the volume. I'm confident we'll get the problems resolved but what a hassle.