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  1. Thanks. Just put that number in my contacts. Good to know.
  2. Wishing you well. I was a newbie not long ago and your help was always appreciated.
  3. It is a Suburban, but I don't know the model. I also placed screens over the exterior intake and exhaust holes last year. They were clean when I did it. I'll look for the model of the heater and thermostat. I thought it may be the regulator, but the fridge and water heater work fine. I really don't understand the gas heat running when only the electric is turned on.
  4. Mine runs and heats for awhile, then shuts off before reaching the set temp on the thermostat. Or, when it does reach the temp and shuts off, it will not come back on when the temp drops below the set temp. Today, I was just running the roof heat pumps(thermostat works perfectly for them) and noticed that the gas heat was also simultaneously on for quite awhile. The thermostat was set to electric heat pump only. When I have only the gas heat on, I can smell gas outside by the intake and exhaust. But, heat is coming out the exhaust and it is lit and heating inside the coach. I had the sail switch replaced last year. I very rarely use the gas heat (probably no more than 20 days since new).
  5. Thanks for all the help. Just made the reservations. I hope the end of August is a little less crowded.
  6. We are thinking about going to West Yellowstone in the coach next summer. We've never been there. Having a 'gasser' and towing a vehicle, I'm wondering just how many mountain crossings will be involved and how steep. We'll be coming from the east. I don't know if I want to attempt it if there are many substantial mountains we have to cross.
  7. I'm a little worried about getting products on the paint. Will any of the above harm it?
  8. Thanks. I remember seeing a Youtube video where they used it. I just wondered if it lasted awhile.
  9. What generic cleaner/conditioner do you use that is not the named product(doesn't have Slide Seal in the name).
  10. Our last coach was 30 amp and we ran two AC's most of the time. Just turned one off to use an appliance. Our present one is 50 amp and when 50 is not available, we run both AC's (heat pumps) on 30 amp with very little problem. They only draw about 18 amps when both are running. A blow dryer is a huge problem on 30.
  11. Vacuum, mop, broom, garbage bag holder, door mat, WD40, slide lube, outside tables, slide seal protectant,tire covers, etc,etc,etc. Then you see some new thing at the store that you just have to have. Then you can't remember where you put something that you need right now, so you go buy another one. I don't think that I'll ever stop getting more stuff until I sell the RV
  12. I just watched a video by an rv tech in which he said to never use bleach because it will harm the seals. He said to instead use Hydrogen Peroxide. The video ended before he said how much per tank. Has anyone heard of this? If so, how much should you use? Also, if this will do the job and is much safer to use, why have I not heard of it? All the other techs in videos are still recommending bleach, which I have always used.
  13. Thanks. Why is there a such a huge difference in price on this crimping tool? From the $20's to over $100.
  14. Does anyone know a way to remove these clamps from a plumbing tube without hurting the tube? And, can I replace it with a screw type clamping ring, or do I need to buy an (expensive) Pex crimping tool?
  15. In my cars, I change the oil(synthetic) at 7,500 miles or 6 months. Do I really need to change the oil in my coach engine every 6 months if I only put about 3,500/yr. And, will synthetic increase the time interval?