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  1. Hello there, everyone. My first gas barbecue, a Weber Q1200, was recently purchased. The propane cartridges were also purchased. I have a few safety concerns because this is my first time using gas and owning a gas grill: Is it safe to keep the gas cartridge connected to the line that connects the tank and the grill? I read on several sites that shutting the valve enabling gas to flow to the grill is fine. I live in an apartment and will cook on my balcony grill. Is it safe to leave it outside? Is it alright if I keep it in my kitchen? Do the cast iron grates need to be oiled? I sometimes oil my cast iron pan and bake it for an hour, but I'm not sure whether I should do the same with the grates. Any additional safety and enhancement advice is much welcomed. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  2. I have a Traegar as well as a Davey Crockett. The DC will easily accommodate a butt. If you like, you may add another butt or two chickens to the mix. In fact, I prefer the Traegar more the Green Mountain.
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