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  1. Awesome! So much good advice. We're in the process of scheduling a private driving instructor near our RV in South Dakota. My confidence has gone up greatly. I joined this forum to get this kind of feedback. I'll be back with more questions. Probably sooner rather than later. I hope there comes a day when I can provide this kind of knowledge. Thanks, Randy
  2. My wife and I recently purchased a 2019 Newmar Dutch Star from a private individual in Rapid City, SD. We're going full-time at the beginning of September and, as you can guess, we're very excited to start this adventure. While we've been planning this move for years, we're novices to the RV world. We're currently going through the online classes on Escapees. But we feel we need some in-person assistance. However, the timing and location of in-person courses is a challenge to us. We're fortunate to have the means to hire a private instructor to get us started on both driving and some in-depth lessons on the systems. We have some questions that we're hoping the knowledgeable folks on this forum can help with us with: 1) Is getting a private instructor a good idea? 2) How do we go about finding a private instructor? Do know someone you could recommend? 3) Any idea what we should expect to pay? We appreciate any assistance. And we look forward to learning more about this grand adventure. Randy and Marie
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