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  1. I just got 170Mbps on 5G iPhone when everybody else is asleep
  2. I just got a Verizon SIM card and I am getting 60Mbps Their tower is across my park.
  3. I am getting 10-20 Mbps (sometimes 5) of download and 5 Mbps of upload in brooklyn NY. I went on a roof of the building with the equipment and that didn’t improve the speed. My cell tower is 2 blocks away but facing a different direction . how much speed is ‘normal’?
  4. With your advice I bought the full timer combo which is peplink max br1 mk2 and poynting 5 antenna . It serves me as a house WiFi with at&t 100Gb prepaid plan. For a single guy it’s a decent internet connection. The amount of settings on the router is staggering but I am happy I got it. I also got weboost drive sleek booster with OTR antenna and directional antenna. I would like to have pretty good internet on the highway for my girlfriend to be able to work remotely and when in national parks at least be able to check email. this forum is really awesome. Thank you for replies
  5. Hi, everyone! I am very new to this subject but I’m tech savvy so I hope I’ll get good results here. I am going on 5 week road trip across USA in suv with a girl who works from home. I have T-Mobile iPhone XR and she has Verizon unlimited plan iPhone XR. We will be a lot on the highway and then visiting national parks. her work is emailing, calling, texting and video conferencing. If I succeed with my connectivity project I will be able to extend my trip for a long time. That’s a lot of fun What equipment or technologies should I explore to have reliable service?
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