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  1. Thanks for the responses. I threw the question here quickly at lunch time. I already have a 3/4 ton RAM cummins. Wife likes the motor-home, but I am the one that would be maintaining the engines. We are planning for retirement and at least a year of full time RV living/traveling. My point of view is with a motor home, I have to maintain 2 engines and if it is a diesel pusher, I hear costs if its a major issue can be costly plus if engine work is needed, we need to find a hotel vs. a 5thwheel. If we go motor home, I would at least like a class C diesel because the engine is much easier to access. Any comments based on this info?
  2. We currently own a 32ft Fleetwood Southwind and have been weekenders for years. We are looking towards retirement and RVing full time.
  3. My wife and I are going back and forth on this topic. I'm wondering if others had this same discussion and what did you choose and why. Any regrets on your decision? Thanks in advance
  4. We are thinking of trading in for a diesel pusher. I understand that if significant engine repairs are required, the bedroom area (usually what is above the engine) has to basically be dismantled to access the engine. Is that true? Has anyone had to have repairs of this nature? If, so, cost, how long did repair take, etc? Thanks in advance.
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