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  1. New condition. Used once. Top of the Demco line! We were given a flat tow vehicle, so we no longer need the tow dolly. Demco prides itself by offering a galvanized finish to the Kar Kaddy SS. This prevents rust and paint chips and the galvanized tongue and loading ramps stow away for storage. Just these features alone, set us apart from the competition. There is no need to worry about finish issues and the storage problem is solved. The SS in the logo stands for Space Saver. Demco introduced the "steerable axle" to the industry in 1982. This is still used today on the Kar Kaddy SS and allows for a tighter 15 Percent turning radius, the tightest in the industry, that tracks directly behind the motor home. The feature provides less sliding and binding of the tires but ultimately the tracking of the unit wins over the competition.
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