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  1. Hi John, I am a bit of a newbie at this so right now I just connect my laptop which I like to work on rather than the phone to my hotspot on my Iphone to get internet on the laptop. Then I watch TV and work on my laptop. Since Visible allows one hotspot connection at a time is there any advantage to me to getting a mobile router? Visible uses the Verizon network and while I do not know speeds there is almost no buffering when I watch You Tube TV.
  2. Just an update. I went with the truly unlimited plan with Visible for $40 a month and You Tube TV at $65 a month and I am very happy. The limit of one hot spot at a time is an issue but works for me as a single person.
  3. Thanks so much - very helpful!
  4. What a very helpful response that was! Thanks for taking the time. Greg
  5. Hi there. Say I need some advice. I am needing the best internet service when I travel in my RV. I was advised if I want to do a lot of streaming then the caps on the normal carriers will not do. I think I need a unlimited hotspot service to use for my TV, Latop and phone. I will also considering the Weboost RV 65 at $650 to boost a weak cell signal when parked (this model is not designed for use when moving). I am considering using Unlimited LTE Advanced at $129 a month for unlimited hotspot access with a $349 start up charge. They sell service for different carriers but claim AT&T is the best. I plan to use You Tube TV for my television channels mostly because I am a sports guy and they are strong there. OK, have at me with some better ideas!!!!
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