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  1. @Barbaraok ...Yes, I will have to go to a post office to take care of this. Thank you. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and why USPS would reject like that. @Will B. - One CapitalOne and one Barclay care. No Chase. BOTH cards have my mailing address as Livingston and my “residence” as my daughter’s sticks & bricks house. The problem is NOT with the credit cards, it is with USPS. I have tried 4 times, twice with the CapitalOne card using Livingston address and then using the “residence” address. Same with the Barclay card, tried twice. USPS rejected it all four times saying neither of the addresses was valid. @Twotoes - I agree - P.O. I do have paperless billing and have done everything online for years. It is NOT a credit card issue, it is a USPS issue. @Kirk W - If you read my post, that is exactly what I have been trying to do ... multiple times.
  2. Hi, all. We sold our house and are heading to Livingston where we will domicile. Yesterday, I attempted to change our address with USPS so they will forward any mail that’s still sent to our old address. USPS charges $1.05 to change the address. We have two credit cards. We were able to change our MAILING address on the credit cards to Livingston, but they wouldn’t let us change our RESIDENCE address. So, now we have two addresses on each credit card. I attempted to have USPS charge the $1.05 to the credit cards using both our Livingston address and our former residential address ... USPS would not accept any of the charges as they kept saying that none of the addresses was correct. I’m wondering if anyone else had this issue and, if so, what they did about it. We have changed our mailing address on all of our important mail, but there’s plenty of stuff still going to the old house ... mostly junk, but every once in a while the new owner calls to ask if we need something because it looks like it might be important. Eventually this is going to make the new owner nuts, and they shouldn’t have to deal with our mail remnants.
  3. As for voting, we have already requested absentee ballots. Unfortunately, CT is not going to start mailing those out until 10/2, which is a bit of a worry for us. What with all the stuff happening at the postal service, if mail is significantly delayed to TX, and then we need it forwarded to us wherever we are, and then we need to mail it back to CT ... we may be overnighting our ballots to CT. Worst case scenario, we’ll fly back to CT for a day to vote if we have to!!
  4. Thanks to all. Just clarifying that WE are not concerned. Even if my daughter was not buying the house, we would not be concerned. For some reason, this person was sort of backing us into a corner on the issue and we just didn’t have an answer. You are all right, and it never crossed my mind ... what about renters?? They are not property owners and yet still residents. LOL.
  5. We are not full-time yet, but will be in less than a month. We are selling the house and leaving the Northeast. We’ll make our way to Texas and register domicile in Livingston. We expect to arrive in early November. Someone asked me a question today that I can’t answer. What am I for the several weeks that I am traveling between mid-September and early November? I have sold my house, so have no residence in CT. It will be 7-8 weeks until I am domiciled in Texas. So, I’m not a resident or domiciled anywhere for a few weeks. I told this person that I am not really worried about it as it’s my daughter who is buying the house, so I know I’m good with continuing to use our current address while we go through the transition. But the person who asked kept pressing me for an answer ... how can I vote HERE when I don’t own property HERE, and of course I can’t vote THERE as I’m not yet domiciled. I wonder how others would answer this question. What are we?
  6. What you TOLD me was “It is registered by make and model.” That did not answer my question as to whether or not Texas recognizes motorhome makes and models as I specifically said that our home state of Connecticut does not.
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded above, but if someone who has gone through this recently could please answer my questions, I would be even more appreciative. I’ve been sitting here with this form for a couple of days now not knowing how to fill in some of these blanks. Does Texas recognize the Make and Model of a motorhome (i.e., will they recognize Monaco LaPalma)? Connecticut does not - in CT, our motorhome is registered as a Ford SuperDuty. Item 8 on the application is “Texas License Plate No.” Since we do not have one yet, I assume it’s ok to leave it blank? Item 29 - Vehicle Location Address (if different) ... No idea what to do there ... leave it blank? We’ll be nomads.
  8. Thanks, Kirk. I looked everywhere for that form!
  9. Thanks, Will. Just to clarify ... you had to pay sales tax on what? Your motorhome? Had you just bought it, or did you have to pay sales tax on something you bought a couple of years ago? We’ve owned our current motorhome for just about a year now but just bought a new (used) tow vehicle.
  10. Did you change you bank address to the Livingston address? And there was no problem with it? If that’s the case, that’s good to know. We moved all of our money to a credit union that’s part of a co-op so that no matter where we go we can access our money at free ATM’s and also do business in the co-op member branches as we would in our own branch. We didn’t want to have to move our money again as we’ve had a relationship with that credit union for years. I supposed it might be a good idea to open an account at a local bank just to show good faith. We ARE looking for a place to settle, that just won’t happen for a few years and we don’t know where. Thanks for easing my mind!
  11. We’re going full time soon. Our plan was to travel from Connecticut to Texas and, when we arrive in Livingston, complete all domicile, vehicle registration and drivers license tasks. Now, someone has told me that we can (should?) register our vehicles in advance. I’m very confused and getting nervous now because we’re leaving Connecticut in a month and won’t arrive in Texas until November. We already have Escapees mail service. I have a few questions which I can’t find answers for elsewhere. I appreciate the guides that Escapees provides but wish they gave more detail. For instance: We own both our motorhome and tow vehicle, so we apply for Title & Registration? (These are separate transactions in CT.) Does Texas recognize the Make and Model of a motorhome (i.e., will the recognize Monaco LaPalma)? Connecticut does not - in CT, our motorhome is registered as a Ford SuperDuty. Item 8 on the application is “Texas License Plate No.” Since we do not have one yet, I assume it’s ok to leave it blank? I know the empty weight of our rig, but item #12 is Carrying Capacity (if any). I have no idea what that means, so I don’t know if I need to figure it out and fill it in or if I can leave it blank. Item 29 - Vehicle Location Address (if different) ... No idea what to do there ... leave it blank? We’ll be nomads. Thanks for the help. I’m really not an idiot, just getting nervous because I thought we could do this when we get there, now thinking it could implode on us!
  12. Shoot. Then we are probably too late. House is closing 9/19. We don’t expect to be in Texas until November. I didn’t think we could register a vehicle until we were there in person with the vehicle for inspection. And I thought we could check into the RV Park in Livingston for a few days and take care of all this while we are there. We have had mail service through Escapees for a year now, so I assume that’s the address we use as we will continue using their service. I have no idea what mail we should move to the new residence as we really don’t get much actual mail anymore! My understanding is banks and credit cards won’t like the Livingston address, and that’s a whole different can of worms. If they don’t like that address, and we are forced to have that mail attached to a relative’s address, it’s going to have to continue to be a Connecticut address as that’s where all our family is. Now I’m REALLY nervous that this is all going to implode. As for the Affidavit of Domicile ... so we have to hire the law firm to do that??? Maybe we should wait and go to S. Dakota next summer. Seems easier to do all of this there!
  13. Hi there. We are selling the house and going full-time! Yikes! We have decided to domicile in Texas and have downloaded all the domicile guides, etc., from Escapees. Questions: 1) They refer to the “Affidavit of Domicile (Loring & Associates). I have searched for a Texas Affidavit of Domicile and only find an Affidavit of Residency. Is the Affidavit of Domicile only something that can be obtained from Loring & Assoc.? 2) Looking for clarification on the vehicle registration doc we need. Is it Form 130-U, Application for Texas Title and/or Registration? Thank you!
  14. Hello there! I just came across this and decided that I need to join! Bob and I (Louise) are selling the house in September and becoming full timers. Yikes! We’ve done two 6-7 month winter trips in a row and never missed the house, and we’re itching to get back on the road only 2-3 months after returning. It’s time! Background: Bob and I met about 10 years ago at ballroom dancing classes, we were both divorced many years. It took us 3 years to realize that we always had a lot of fun together, so we tried a date. And the rest, as they say, is history. Our second anniversary was spent in a Cracker Barrel lot, third at an RV Park in Florida, and by the time our fourth anniversary rolls around, we should be in our new domicile state of Texas! I’ll be actively reading these discussion boards to pick up information as we go along! Cheers to all!
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