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    Buying a 5th wheeler and a truck
  1. Hi, This Cedar Creek looks awesome. Unfortunately our budget is 20K for the van and 30K for the truck. If you would consider something closer to 20K we would love to get more information and have a look but I totally understand if we are too far apart on price. Email me on "rodholmes2020@gmail.com" if there is any interest. Thanks Rod
  2. My email is "Rodholmes2020@gmail.com" Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers Rod
  3. HaHa, Thanks Kevin, think I will keep the kombi for a bit longer, I will look at PPL now, thanks for the tip.
  4. Hi Al, thanks for responding. Your unit looks awesome but a little out of my price range with the truck being newer than I can afford and a bit far from where I will be starting. I wish you all the best for selling the rig. Many thanks Rod
  5. Hi Bob, where about's are you? We could be interested, could you email the details to rodholmes2020@gmail.com Many thanks Rod
  6. Hi Escapees, We are an Aussie couple coming to Florida on Feb 25th to buy a used 5th Wheeler and a truck so we can travel the US and Canada for the next couple of years. The AUD / USD FX is not helping us but we are doing it anyway. Ideally we would like a 30 to 34' trailer with dual A/C, heated underbelly and 2 or 3 slides around the 2013 or later era. We are planning on doing some skiing in the trailer next season so it needs to be polarized. We are looking for a 3500 long bed truck with DRW in any brand but with the luxury pack around 2012 or later. I know we probably do not need the DRW but we don't get these in Aussie and "I just want one". We have lived in Canada before and done something similar in a "C" class but now we are retired now and the kids are busy so we are ready to do it properly and spend their inheritance. We have searched the internet on Auto Trader and RV trader sites to see what is around but would welcome any advice or recommendations anyone has to offer or if anyone has something for sale we would love to hear from you. Does not have to be in Florida but this is where we decided to start from. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Rod and Karen "rodholmes2020@gmail.com"
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