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  1. Hi All, Just a quick update about our Huge Bubble issue . Alpha Systems came through with a "work around" the expired warranty! They have sent the supplies needed to replace the front half of the roof plus $$$$ to cover 100 hours of labor to a repair shop of our choice!! Just waiting to schedule a day to bring in the trailer. Monica McCabe (Alpha Systems) was outstanding in dealing with our problem and we appreciate the time and effort she has given to correct something that was not originally caused by Alpha Systems. On a side note, Dutchmen and La Mesa RV in Sanford, FL did absolutely nothing for us. Dutchmen did finally take notice of my Facebook and Twitter remarks about the situation, asked me for my contact information and never contacted me.
  2. This was the temporary fix. The Constraption! I wasn't successful in posting the other photos. Possibly too big. Might try later.
  3. I am hoping there will be a resolution on Dutchmen’s part.
  4. I’m not sure the photos will open.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think we could take it safely to Indiana from Florida. The photos show our temporary fixes. My husband put a strap on the roof to start with until we got to the campground. Then he removed the old caulk and the original bar in the front. Next, he put the rubber roof under the lip, put the original bar back on, put a 2" steel bar next to it, and used Dicor caulk to spread all over that area. That held it for a day, but even with the strap the bubble appeared again. Lastly, he made a "constraption" out of plastic lattice work, a treated wood brace and 2 straps that went around the entire trailer. This held the bubble down as we traveled back to Florida. 20190825_122621640_iOS - Shortcut.lnk 20190825_131633370_iOS - Shortcut.lnk 20190825_180545938_iOS - Shortcut.lnk 20190827_145728695_iOS - Shortcut.lnk 20190827_200910826_iOS - Shortcut.lnk
  6. Something will have to be done because we can’t use it as is. It is just a matter of who is responsible and who is going to fix it!!
  7. I called Dutchmen a few days ago and was pointed to the dealer (La Mesa R.V. in Sanford). They said it wasn’t under warranty anymore and to bring it in for a diagnostic for $150. I left a message with Dutchmen customer service today and hope to hear from them the next business day. The roof has not been abused. It sits in an opened area and doesn’t have any trees over it.
  8. It did rain a couple of days while we were traveling and there was a leak right over the bed. Fortunately, we had good weather the rest of the trip. We tarped it due to Hurricane Dorian and still is tarped. I think there was inferior glue placed from the onset. Did I mention it had to be completely rewired in 2018? In the shop for 3 months!
  9. I am not sure if we have a rubber roof (Dicor) or an Alpha Superflex TPO roof as both are listed in the Dutchmen owner’s manual.
  10. I sent an email to Rudy last night. Hope to hear from him soon.
  11. While driving on I-95, our 2018 Dutchmen Aspen Trail's roof was billowing near the front of the trailer. I looked like a huge pillow on top of the roof. Has this happened to anyone? What is the cause and what needs to be done to fix it?
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