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  1. Thanks for all the info lots to think about. From what i rwad outdoors will work with a private rv repair shop if warranty work is needed. And anything serious the nash dealer is 5 hours away. I first started looking at arctic fox but no bunks. I dont think there are any outdoor dealers east of texas so still 2k miles away. I wonder if there are any 3rd party inspection companies? Im sure I wouldnt be able to find many issues that were not obvious even if i did drive out to pick it up myself. The weight isn't a concern to me. But now after more research it looks like Nash and most outdoors are 30 amp service only. The gd 2800bh has a 50 amp option and the one local to me has that option no dual pane windows though. Not sure why they wouldnt be standard with the "4 season package". Outdoor does have 50 amp service options in the blackstone class but no bunks. Just when i thought i finally decided on the nash. Not sure I want to always worry about only running a few things at once. 1000 watts for the furnace, microwave 800 watts, 600 watts tv, 400 watts for fridge. Electric water heater 1000 watts?Plus lights and charging laptops and phones and what ever other small stuff. Im guessing all that wouldnt last. Then i guess ill need to run a separate outlet for an electric space heater too. I plan to have electric for any long time stays in the cold. I guess I could run 2 seperate 20w outlets plus the 50amp and dog bone it down to 30. Just in case i ever get a 50 amp rv. Im assuming the nash/outdoor is better for the cold than the grand design but 30amp vs 50amp has got me thinking. So back up to 3 options 35k nash 29s, 40k outdoor 28bks plus 3k delivery, or the 29k gd 2800bh.
  2. A little more info, 30k miles, original owner always kept in garage when not in use. All service records good tires, clean as could be. Has the on board gen and a couple solar panels with hookups. I think its a 29ds at least thats what the layout looks like from others online. They said it has the thermal pane windows not sure if that was an option or standard. After looking at travel trailers even new ones this 8 year old interior seemed nicer. And most if those had 30 amp only so I do like the idea of having 50 amp which this rv does. Anyone know how this unit would be in colder weather compared to a "4 season travel trailer"?
  3. Ok a lot more reading, and now I think I'm down to two. 2019 Nash 29s Msrp around 40k with the few extras windows,fans,tv. Best price so far is 36k that includes about 3k to get it within 5 hours of me. Or 30k but then a 6k mile round trip. Then next one is a Outdoor 28bks msrp around 49k sale price around 39k then either make the 5k mile round trip or pay 3500 to have it brought to me. The layout is pretty similar rear bunks which we want outdoor has aluminum framed walls and nash has wood.
  4. Im not sure of the model, 30ft v8 gas close to mint condition. Is it worth 50k? Low miles, 2 slides. It looks like a new 2020 is around 100k. Anyone have experience with these good/bad? I've seen them on various sites listed for mid 40s to mid 50s
  5. Thats disappointing, I wish toyota made an rv. Maybe I should start looking at the tiny home trailers.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I'm in CT so usually there are a few really cold weeks every winter but nothing to crazy. I may use the house for the bathroom but I also have relatives near by and a gym membership so I may not. I'm just wondering what it takes to keep a trailer say 60-65 in the winter. For nights only wouldn't need it warmed up during the day. And for the 1st year or so just used at the house but then probably take a few trips a year. Eventually I'd like to have it hooked up with water and into a clean out but that could be a year or two down the road. And I may keep it or sell it for a class c or a smaller class a depending how the family likes it. I did just see a used arctic fox forsale, but possibly a scam price seems pretty good. But I'm going to look into it. The other issue I'll have if I buy a new arctic fox all the dealers are out west. I have heard that arctic fox will let a qualified shop do the warranty work. I'll probably just end up with one of the cheaper brands and see if we like it.
  7. Not sure what part of the country your looking for but in the hudson valley cl there is a 2019 jayco and titan asking about 24k each. May want to give a price range or location to get some closer results. Good luck in the search
  8. I'm all over the place on what travel trailer to get. At least I narrowed it down to a travel trailer. 1st a used bullet 2017 243bhs supposedly like new $15k-17k, new goes for around 25k. A 2020 new imagine 2400bh/2800bh discounted price between 25k-29k from 35k-39k. Or a northwood acrtic fox 25w for mid 40s down from mid 50s. Does a lippert frame have the issues on a travel trailer too or is that mostly for the 5th wheels? From reading around it seems like the northwoods and outdoors are better quality trailers. But then I've also read that the newer models may have lost some of that. And all rv's are junk so is it worth it to spend an extra 20-30k to still have issues. I can deal with stripped screws or cabinets that don't line up but I don't want leaks. And for cold weather camping I would not use any water just propane heat and electric. Or should I just go with all electric space heaters? I will only be in the camper for diner and sleeping. With doing so would there be any issues with cold temps. All the issues I've read is from freezing lines and tanks.
  9. NO experience with campers. I don't see a clean out so I'd would need a plumber to tie in the septic tank. My lot is slightly sloped so I would also need to level out a parking spot I'd assume gravel would be fine? That would put me about 30ft from the house with the water spigot and 80ft from the setpic tank. I suppose I could get closer but then I'll need to tear up the yard and level that out. The town has no zoning so I don't think there is any issue with setting something like this up. We recently found out we have a mold issue and it's making me sick. So I want to get out asap and get it ripped out cleaned up and rebuilt. Probably a new roof, 2 new bathrooms and a few interior walls/ceilings. I have looked at just buying another place but nothing new is out there. We want to stay in the small town for the school that we are in now. We may also build a new house while staying in the rv. Either on the same property or another lot. We have 2 young kids 1 and 4 thats why I assume they would eventually like a class C instead. Assuming the wife would too if we start vacationing with it. I'm just not sure if it would be big enough for a long stay. The apartment may work or renting a house but there just isn't much around. And with my luck lately I would just be going into similar issues.
  10. My idea is to get either a 5th wheel or travel camper while my existing house gets an overhaul. How close should the rv be to the house? I'm not sure if I'll need to tie into the septic or not how much would that cost? I may still be able to use the bathrooms. Definitely would want water and electric hooked up with AC so I've seen a 50 amp hookup would be needed. I'm hoping to be out of it by winter but still thinking of getting a winter package setup in case. Something in the 30k-45k range. I've only been to one dealer so far they had Grand Design, anyone have any thoughts on them? I'm not sure how long I'd end up keeping it may want a class C eventually. What kind of depreciation after a year or 2 after buying new? What holds there value more 5th wheel or travel trailer? I didn't talk any numbers yet but after looking at rvdirect that should at least give me some idea on where I should be. Thanks for any advice.
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